Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jubilee on Portobello Road

Everyone has been gearing up for Jubilee Weekend at the markets along Portobello and Golborne roads. By yesterday, flags and bunting were fluttering from shops, market stalls and street lamps. The owners of this shop on Golborne Road even installed a large, elegant portrait of the Queen.

This was the scene on Portobello, where the crowds will no doubt be thick today, as they are every Saturday. (Though the weather is supposed to deteriorate over the weekend into chilly rain.)

Who says hot dogs are all-American?

I'm pretty sure this guy has that big flag out regularly. His specialty seems to be British paraphernalia.

The windows of our corner pub are strung with bunting. Dave and I prefer another pub nearby, which has better food, but this one has an awesome beer garden in the back. It's great on summer afternoons and evenings. I wonder what Jubilee-related mischief they have planned?

Inspired, I went out and bought my own bunting. Just £1.99 at the hardware store! (I, of course, had only £1.90 in my pocket. Perhaps not wanting to discourage my enthusiasm, the store owner let me have it for that price, but I need to remember to take him another nine pence!)

I strung the bunting on our balcony. My relatives who fought in the American Revolution are probably turning in their graves, but hey, when in London...


  1. I love the bunting on your balcony. Why not dance in alignment? The queen is eternal, she really is! Wow.

  2. I especially love that first photo! outstanding!

  3. I am with you! By the time i left England i was hook, line, sinker in love with the whole Jubilee thing and absolutely adore E R! Politics aside...she is a remarkable woman, steady as a mountain! Wish i could still be there for the big bash ! Have a great time! I have jubilee envy!

  4. You're right: When in London ...

    and why not? Embrace the culture! Love the bunting on the balcony and that huge flag in the stall.

  5. Enjoy the Jubilee...You are living a piece of history. I also have relatives who fought in the American Revolution, and one who signed the Magna Carta, which helped make England into a country. They might not appreciate my worldview, but that's life.

  6. Okay, I really must visit!