Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Gnawing on the Jolly Egg

More East London street art today -- this time by a guy who calls himself Paul Insect.

Interesting red, white and blue color scheme, which of course could be a reference to either Britain or America. (Or both! Or neither!) Is he suggesting something about Big Brother always watching us?

Speaking of street art, when I was playing GeoGuessr yesterday, I came across this humorous bit of street art from Google Street View in a small town in central Brazil. How cool is it that I can sit in London and walk virtually down a street in Brazil, enjoying the sights? It blows my mind.

Our neighbor Chris came over for tea yesterday. As is always the case with Chris, we wound up talking about World War II. But his real reason for stopping by was to lend me a book on photography (he's also a photography enthusiast). It looks pretty interesting. We compared notes on our recent picture-taking adventures.

Olga got a new dog toy in the mail! You may remember that back in December, I posted a photo of my dad's dog, Maybelline, enthusiastically playing with a toy plastic egg. I ordered a similar "Jolly Egg" for Olga, and we tried it out yesterday. She didn't know what to make of it at first; she crouched down and barked at it. (Olga never barks.) But eventually she got the hang of it and had fun knocking it around the courtyard. She's already worn deep grooves in it with her teeth -- and this toy is supposed to be pretty durable. We'll see!


Ms. Moon said...

"Guaranteed indestructible." We shall see. Y'all should get Olga a gig as a dog-toy-testing agent.

ellen abbott said...

yah, google earth is pretty cool. no picture of Olga and her egg?

e said...

How I envy Olga's pure puppy energy...Thanks for your reply.

Reya Mellicker said...

Olga has a powerful jaw. That egg is not long for this world!

Linda Sue said...

ACK! I had to take a dramamine to look at that wall!
The jolly egg does look hefty! Olga will have in reduced to a not so jolly egg in short order, I reckon. She does what she is good at.

Lynne said...

We've had Jolly Balls and they've held up pretty well with strong jaws, so good luck to Olga's new Jolly Egg. A Jolly Good Egg! Hmm.. that sounds British to me, but what the heck do I know?

The patriotic eyes are very creepy but also a super cool shot!

Just a thought: Does doggie Maybelline wear mascara?

Nancy said...

Whenever I watch British TV and characters have house guests, they always say, "I'll put the kettle on." Love it that you have visitors for tea.

P.S. Dear Jolly Egg: Good luck!