Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Magic Staff

Olga and I went back to Hampstead Heath yesterday, taking advantage of the sunny day. I learned that it is possible, when the weather is dry, for the dog to walk on the Heath without getting completely filthy. (Until she intentionally belly-flopped into a lingering mud puddle, that is, to cool off.)

We found this staff leaning against a tree, decked with ribbons and beads. It seemed to have been left over from someone's ritual -- something about worshipping Mother Earth and wishing for healing and thriving.

We left it untouched. I try to respect people's rituals, even when I don't participate. I wonder who left it behind and why?

Olga, on the other hand, found it all rather hilarious.


Elizabeth said...

I love that staff and I love that photo of Olga laughing. In fact, I love that your dog's name is Olga.

Ms. Moon said...

Art. Desire. Prayer.
That stick is all of those things.
And Olga puts it all in perspective.

Vivian said...

great pictures! i can't wait till morning to see them.
pictures of Olga is always a bonus!

Sharon Anck said...

HA! Olga really does look like she's laughing.

37paddington said...

That is one happy dog!

The Bug said...

I love that staff! I would have been tempted to at least borrow it for a day... And that Olga laugh - warms the cockles of my heart :)