Monday, September 22, 2014

Photo Inspiration (or Intimidation?)

Poor Dave -- I've barely seen him this weekend. I was out all day on Saturday doing photography and then taking the dog to Fortune Green and the Hampstead Cemetery, and I spent yesterday in Shoreditch at an event for the Royal Photographic Society. Fortunately Dave hasn't minded. He just did his thing, nesting at home, gardening and working on band music.

The RPS event was interesting -- it was a "licenture" event, in which photographers apply to show a panel of judges a portfolio of 10 images. The judges critique the images and decide whether to approve the applicant for licenture, a mark of distinction from the society.

I didn't apply -- I was just there as an observer. But it was interesting to see what people submit and how the judges reacted. It was a bit terrifying, actually. The slightest flaw or blemish -- a sky with too much or too little detail, an incorrect focal point or an inattentive crop job -- could sink the whole portfolio. I kept thinking about all the little flaws I notice but tolerate in my own work. Not to mention the printing! I haven't the foggiest idea how to print a photo to a professional standard.

I suppose I really ought to invest in Photoshop and shoot in RAW and bump things up to the next level. It just sounds expensive

I did feel that there was a tendency toward "pretty" photos -- bees on flowers and that kind of thing. No one was shooting cluttery storefronts and homeless people and shabby houses and filthy alleys. Were I to apply, I might have an advantage in being somewhat distinct in my subject matter! (Or would that be a disadvantage?!)

So, anyway, yes, it was a very educational day. I saw a few other Bleeding Londoners there, too. It's hard to believe we have only slightly more than a month left on this project, and we still have so much left to do! By the end of October I am going to need a new pair of shoes.

(Photo: A cafe on Baker Street, yesterday morning. I love the sign on the front: "What's this? The Sherlock Holmes food and beverages!" Holmes' office was on Baker Street in the Arthur Conan Doyle stories -- but did he appreciate a croissant?)


Ms. Moon said...

Yikes! To have your work judged right in front of you! Whoa! Pretty sure I wouldn't be able to do that.
I want to go to that shop for a sandwich and a cup of coffee. And an English breakfast. RIGHT NOW!

ellen abbott said...

I send images of my work off to be juried for exhibitions quite frequently. I don't get a critique and I'm not there when the juries decide but it's always stomach fluttering when I get the notice of acceptance or rejection. so, stepping up to the next level for the perceived expense a real obstacle or just an excuse?

Sharon said...

That judging process does sound a bit intimidating. I think of photography as an art and like most art, it won't appeal to everyone. I love your street shots. You have a great eye for capturing an every day scene that makes it look extraordinary. Sometimes I look at the Flickr "Explore" series for the day and see photos that I think look flawed or uninteresting and I wonder how they were chosen. I've had several of my own featured on Explore and sometimes I wonder why on earth they picked that photo to feature.
I had to look closely at your photo today to see if it was the place I stopped for lunch on Baker Street but, I don't think it is.

Nancy said...

Your photos would have the advantage. I have declared it.