Saturday, June 13, 2015


Summer vacation has begun! Yesterday was our last day of work until mid-August. Many faculty and staff went to the graduation ceremony, but I stayed behind and finished up in the library, shelving all the remaining books and checking out a few things to last-minute patrons. I feel guilty about missing graduation because my boss's daughter was among the graduates -- but someone had to stay and keep the place open, right? Hopefully my boss sees that as a plus rather than a minus.

Anyway, it was nice putting everything in order and turning out the lights.

I came home and relaxed a bit. I read, I studied my French. I found this green spider in the garden, and spent some time trying to get just the right photo of it. I hope it's that lovely emerald green color because it's eating all our aphids!

Incidentally, I've seen no recent sign of all the ladybirds we released. I think they flew away or became dinner for the sparrows and tits.

One of my coworkers, who is retiring, got this orchid as a gift, but she was reluctant to try to carry it all the way back to her house. (She lives in a distant suburb and is in the process of moving.) So she gave it to me, and it has taken up residence in our bathroom.

(Top photo: A pigeon meeting around our bird bath.)


  1. As a former teacher, I just breathed a sigh of vicarious relief. Isn't it nice to see that expanse of time between now and August stretching out before you?
    Your photographs are breath-taking. Your capture of the spider is amazing, and the orchid on the shelf is a still-life of its own. What a talented photographer you are.

  2. what a nice gift. I've never tried to grow orchids. I saw a tiny frog/toad this morning and scooped it up to take a picture. just as a started to press the shutter button it leapt out of my hand so now I have a great close up of part of my palm.

  3. Lots of spring/summer scenes today to celebrate summer vacation!

  4. Wow! Those photos! I can feel your breath of relief in all of them.
    I am so glad you have a yard now. And look how beautiful it all is! You need Owen to help you find the bugs. He is so good at that.

  5. I love that orchid - & that it's in the bathroom. I wish we had room for a plant in our bathroom - for some reason I think it makes them more civilized (the bathrooms, not the plants).

    Happy summer to you!

  6. I can sense you exhaling in this post. Beautiful photos, beautiful orchid.

  7. Congrats on the end of another school year! And that photo of the flower is over-the-top beautiful.