Thursday, December 8, 2011


I mentioned earlier that we decided not to get a Christmas tree, and my intent was to decorate the fireplace instead. Well, this was the result.

I bought two pine boughs for £8 (a crazy amount for what is essentially yard waste) and added a string of lights, a silver ribbon and some little ornaments shaped like woodland animals that we brought from New Jersey. It turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself. Ernie enjoyed it, as you can see.

Unfortunately, it was also a little too large for the space. The top of the fireplace is only about 2-3 inches wide. I braced the boughs in place with duct tape (which seems so American somehow) but as Dave and I watched TV that evening, the whole construction slowly began sagging toward the hearth. I was afraid it would fall into the fireplace entirely and we'd have a conflagration. So I took it down.

It's now decorating our windowsill, which is much wider and probably a better, safer place for it anyway.


  1. Well, it looks nice in your photograph here. I hope you both enjoy the season, whatever your plans.

  2. if a couple pine boughs cost £8 no wonder you skipped the tree!

    it has been years since we've had a tree - nowadays i just pull out a few strings of lights put them in random places, put the electric candles in the windows, and display a few of the treasured holiday nick-knacks and viola the house is the way, it's not decorated yet but maybe this weekend.

    i bet london is purty! missed going to nyc this holiday season.... love being a holiday looky-loo

  3. I'll bet it looks great on the windowsill too. Other than the Charlie Brown Christmas tree we haven't decorated inside the house. I need to think about getting some things out!

  4. Nice to see anyway...We are going to the tropics for the holidays, avoiding everything christmas this's all become too much- so we are bailing! The pooch looks content and happy with a brief decoration just for him!

  5. Oddly enough, the thing I was most worried about when converting to Judaism was the absence of a Christmas tree. I can truly say the only time I have thought about it since then (in 35 years) was when my daughter begged for one so we could be like all her friends. Instead of getting a tree we went to visit my parents for Christmas, where she got to trim their tree. She never asked again.

    Congrats on being creative! You will enjoy your creation every time you pass by that windowsill. And you didn't have to kill a tree to make it!