Sunday, October 14, 2012

Alvin's New Home

Our avocado seedling has finally graduated from a glass of water to a flower pot. Alvin (as Dave named it) has taken up residence on the living room windowsill, possibly the sunniest place in the house. Hopefully it will be enough to pull a tropical tree through a dark English winter.

My strategy is to initially provide lots of water to help get its roots established, tapering off before it develops root rot. Hopefully I'll gauge that correctly. Advice is welcome from anyone who's grown a potted avocado!

(FYI, I already took a bit of soil off the top -- I read online that the seed should only be covered about halfway. So it sticks out more now.)


Elizabeth said...

I imagine Ms. Moon will have some good advice about this! And I love the composition of your photo -- particularly that beautiful statue.

Ms. Moon said...

Yes, Elizabeth is right- that just looks like the most peaceful place to rest your eyes.
My only advice is not to overwater. Also, when it starts putting out leaves and growing tall, pinch it where two leaves form and it will make a branching so that it isn't just one tall gangly thing.
That's all the advice I have.

ellen abbott said...

you might need a grow light.

Lynne said...

Alvin looks like he's pretty cozy, Gardner Steve!

Reya Mellicker said...

Good luck, little Alvin! May you prevail.

Beautiful picture.

Steve Reed said...

Elizabeth: Thanks! I bought the Buddha statue in Sag Harbor, Long Island, years ago.

Ms Moon: OK, I will guard against overwatering! And I'll pinch it when it gets taller.

Ellen: Hmmmm...that might be testing the limits of my plant devotion.

Lynne: I think so too!

Reya: :)