Monday, February 27, 2017

Back to the Scrubs

Saturday was rainy and I spent most of it indoors, reading a terrific book -- "Breath," by Tim Winton. It's a coming-of-age book that prominently features surfing, and it reminded me a lot of William Finnegan's surfing memoir, which I read last summer. (And which I also loved.) I don't really have any interest in surfing myself, but for some reason it's fascinating to read about -- probably because both Finnegan and Winton are excellent writers.

I did successfully give away Dave's old recliner via Freecycle. The glass-topped table is still in the shed, though -- no takers so far.

Because I didn't take Olga anywhere -- except on our routine morning walk, which I documented in the previous post -- I wanted to make it up to her yesterday. I just could not face the prospect of going to Hampstead Heath again, though. I needed a new scene. So I took her back to Wormwood Scrubs, where we used to go when we lived in Notting Hill. (More like revisiting an old scene, I suppose -- but it's been years since we've been there.)

I discovered getting there via the Overground isn't hard at all -- four stops to Willesden Junction and then a short walk. Why I didn't think of this before I'm not sure. But I'm glad to know it's possible and I'm sure we'll go back now and then.

At the Willesden Junction station, we discovered a big advertisement for the Mayhew Animal Home, where we got Olga spayed when we first adopted her from All Dogs Matter. I couldn't resist posing her next to it. They took her uterus, but she doesn't seem to hold a grudge.

Anyway, we had a great time at Wormwood Scrubs. There were lots of kids out playing football, and while we were walking, a kid kicked a ball into the bushes near me. I got it out of the brambles for him, and handed it back, but then he threw it to a friend who failed to catch it. You guessed it -- Olga grabbed it and did some damage. The ball didn't seem punctured but she definitely left the surface tattered. The kids weren't upset -- if anything, it amused them. "Look, she's tearing it up!"

They had other footballs, and I suppose they see them as fairly disposable. They must kick balls into trees and whatnot all the time. Still, once I got Olga to drop it, I got the heck out of there before the coach could yell at me.

The dry, rattly pods of the teasels were standing tall all over the Scrubs. I've tried to get some teasels to seed in our garden, apparently without success. Maybe they'll come up later in the season.


e said...

This first comment of the day thing is becoming a habit...I love your dog pictures and if I may so brazenly suggest, she deserves her own book! As for the coffee table, I'm sure someone somewhere will want it eventually.

Yorkshire Pudding said...


Shooting Parrots said...

I love the photo of Olga. Our dog is lethal with anything she thinks is a toy, but fortunately her jaws aren't big enough to get round a football!

Ms. Moon said...

We used to have a boxer named Pearl who tried to play with a bowling ball. And not just once. Poor thing. It frustrated her so much that she couldn't get her jaws around it.

Red said...

One gets tired of the same route all the time.

ellen abbott said...

it is good to change up the routine now and then. and I imagine if you put the coffee table on the curb it would be gone in no time.

Sharon said...

What a great view in the top shot and it's always fun to see Olga. Although, I must say she doesn't look all that pleased with the "posing" requirements. I had to look Wormwood Scrubs up on the map just to get a sense of where it is. It's a pretty big park!

jenny_o said...

I dunno, you say Olga doesn't appear to hold a grudge but I think I can see a faint tiny frown of disapproval in her eyes - ha ha - I love Olga pictures.

Good job on unloading the recliner. I'm just surprised no one took the table. Free is usually an irresistible price.

Catalyst said...

Olga is an amazing model. I wonder how you get her to pose so still while you photograph her.