Sunday, June 4, 2017

Rhodie on the Heath

Weather-wise, we had a perfect day yesterday -- sunny but cool and comfortable, about 70º F. Olga and I seized the opportunity for a walk on the Heath, where we found this huge rhododendron in bloom.

Try as I might, I could not get a version of that photo with Olga alone. There were too many people walking around!

We spent a long time out, and I even played around with the timer on my camera to take some "selfies." Since I'm always behind the lens I have very few pictures of myself. Here we are, enjoying the luxurious summer grass. (And the Kong!)

Olga even managed to find a disgusting, clayey puddle in which to immerse herself. Random strangers stopped to photograph her as she frolicked in the water. And of course I had to reach in and retrieve her Kong, which disappeared beneath the surface. (Fortunately I found it right away.)

Back home, Dave and I did some gardening in the afternoon. (After bathing Olga.) Oh, and we got word that our lease will be renewed, which means we can stay put in this flat for at least another year.

(Addendum: Obviously, once again, I posted this before reading the news. If I have anything to say about last night's attacks in London -- and I'm not sure I will -- I'll get to it tomorrow.)


Yorkshire Pudding said...

I wonder if it would be possible for your blog fans to have a whip round to buy you a different shirt as the one you were wearing shall I say this...distressing. Maybe I should have a root round in my Oxfam shop.

Love to London on the morning after wicked and misguided terrorists struck again. Deep in my heart, I do believe - We Shall Overcome!

Ms. Moon said...

I went to bed worried about you and Dave. I do not know why I was so concerned. I mean- what would the odds be that y'all were out in any of those places late at night, and yet...
Well. Someone was.
It's a scary world. And then, there's Olga and rhododendron.
And you.

ellen abbott said...

that is gorgeous. we have azaleas but too hot down here for rhodies though I wish it wasn't. I love them. and Olga knows how to have fun doesn't she?

Sharon said...

It looks like yesterday was a perfect day for a long walk. All that sunshine!
My friend Mo and her partner Annette live at Borough Market. I finally heard from her and learned that Annette was at home but, Mo got stuck and wasn't able to get back. The email arrived around midnight my time so I'm hoping by now she has been let back into the neighborhood so she can go home. I'm waiting to hear back. The world has gone mad.

37paddington said...

I am glad to know you're ok.

Cheryl West said...

I hope that you and all your friends are safe and well.

TJ Davis said...

Who could not love such a nice mud bath? Folks pay a lot of money for that kind of thing.
In that picture you look so much like my late brother John I had to have a second look. He has been gone for many years but as a younger man you and he would have been mistaken for twins.
I am told that there is someone like that for everyone in the world.
Of course, our hearts go out to everyone who have had to experience this latest angry aggression. I believe it was Yorkshire Pudding,, who wondered if a little compassion, friendship, and understanding might have had an effect on the angry folks who would do such a thing. I think he is spot on, I do believe it is disparity and want that drives these kinds of things. No one who is happy, who has a future, who has something to look forward to, would ever think of doing anything like that.

jenny_o said...

I've left my thoughts on the "why" behind recurring terrorist activities over at Yorkshire Pudding's current blog, if you're interested. I want to get my head out of the topic so will leave it at that.

That rhododendron puts my deer-stripped, leafless, struggling rhodie to shame!

And Olga - why? WHY? The mud must satisfy some need, but I don't know what it is! Coolness? texture? healing properties?

Anonymous said...

I love your shirt!! Olga was simply having a spa day.

e said...

I too love your shirt, and that little dog of yours knows how to have fun! Raining here most of the day. I was worried until I saw that you and Dave and Sally were safe.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

The two ladies above - bsadow and the notorious "e" - must have a weird fashion sense when they approve of your shirt! Either that or they both have the hots for you Steve!

Alphie Soup said...

Good news about your tenancy - it makes all that effort with the garden worthwhile.
Good old Olga and the mud-pool - it always raises a laugh at my computer.


The Bug said...

I like the shirt too - and I'm a happily married lady! So there, YP.

We drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway looking at Rhododendrons yesterday - gorgeous!