Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Surely the fox is one of the best-known symbols of England, with its legendary national appetite for "The Hunt." Perhaps that's why someone has stenciled foxes all over northwest London. I've found several of them so far.

The photo at top was taken on Pembridge Road near Notting Hill Gate, a few blocks from where we live. Then there's this one, rather worn, from St. John's Wood:

And this one, on Hereford Road near Leinster Square:

And finally, this one, from Portobello Road, just a few doors down from our flat:

I'm not the only one keeping an eye on these critters. Londonist, a London news website, has even assembled a map of all the foxes. The map was put together in February, so I'm guessing the foxes must date from early this year.


DAJ said...

Foxes! Another reason to visit London!

mouse (aka kimy) said...

how fun.

someone stencils blue pigs around my town! no one has done a map, and they don't last long as the town of lakewood has a real problem with letting street art exist....creeps, the eradication team comes out fast!

Betty said...

well spotted! You don't get these in south east london.

Barbara said...

Do you think it's a hunter or an advocate for foxes who is doing the stenciling? I wonder if there is any rhyme or reason to the placement of the foxes. How interesting that someone would take the time to map them. Those Brits never cease to amaze me.