Monday, February 9, 2015

Passport to Pimlico

Yesterday I was up in Golders Green working on, of course, Bleeding London. I had a good long walk and photographed 45 streets. The sun was out, which made a nice change from the day before.

Otherwise, it was a pretty low-key day. I think we got Olga's boarding arranged for March, when we'll be briefly out of the country, and I finally watched an old movie that I've had saved on our TV recorder since the beginning of October. It was called "Passport to Pimlico," a black-and-white British comedy from the '40s that imagined a London neighborhood suddenly being declared foreign soil, with all the attendant complications. I liked it.

Last night, leftovers. Skyping with Dave's parents. The usual Sunday night stuff.

(Photo: A latch on a gate in Golders Green.)


Elizabeth said...

That's such a beautiful blue -- like cornflowers, I think. And I love the name of the place where you took the photograph: so very British.

e said...

I love old doors and that blue is wonderful.

Ms. Moon said...

That blue. Yes.
We had leftovers last night too. Soup. Delicious.

ellen abbott said...

Sunday's must be leftovers night. Us too.