Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Cozy Hottie

I happened to walk past this electrical wholesaler's shop in Kensington on Sunday morning. As I glanced in the window, I saw this:

I thought, "Why is there a stuffed cow in the shop window at an electrical wholesaler?"

Upon doing further research I've realized that a) it's a giraffe, not a cow, and b) it's called a "Cozy Hottie." It includes a scented wheat-grain pouch in its belly that can be removed, microwaved and reinserted, making the giraffe warm and cuddly. I still don't really understand why it's in the window of an electrical wholesaler -- but why not?

On a completely different note, I've been thinking lately of a time in my distant past when I completely embarrassed myself. I don't know why this memory has come to me recently. It involves a class I took in college called "expository writing," where we would discuss and debate ideas before writing papers about them.

I sat in class with a girl named Penny, who wore thrift store skirts and had a thick, blond braid that she used to wrap around the top of her head. She looked like a Norwegian hippie milkmaid. Another kid in the class was an evangelical Christian who used to advance a lot of ├╝ber-conservative social ideas about the evils of gays and abortion.

Penny and I both took umbrage with this kid.

One day, during a heated debate about something or other -- I don't quite remember the context -- the Christian kid was talking about taking moral direction from God. He argued that secular humanists didn't have any moral foundation.

"Of course they do!" I argued.

The teacher, Dr. C, asked where that foundation came from.

"The God of humanism!" I said.

The entire class just stopped. The Christian kid, looking down at his desk, shook his head and smiled tightly. Dr. C looked at me blankly and said, "There is no God of humanism."

And that's how I learned what "secular humanist" meant, because before that moment I clearly had absolutely no idea.

I felt stupid and Penny quietly said some consoling words, and the class moved on. But it annoyed me that I tripped up, because I was right about my greater point -- that humanists can be moral beings.

Too bad I didn't have a warm, scented giraffe to make me feel better!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

What the hell is a moral compass? Perhaps they sell them at the J.T.Denyer electrical shop. I have been a militant atheist since the age of ten and I have lived a wholesome, law-abiding life. I don't need some medieval literary concoction to guide or subdue me. The God of Secular Humanism is my conscience.

crafty cat corner said...

Allways tricky when religion is mentioned on a blog. I myself gave up on god when my Father suffered intolerably before dying, I knew then that there was no god.
I was 21 and do not regret it.
I just wish that religion was not taught in schools. A code of living would be better until the person was old enough to turn to the religion of his own choice if he wanted.

Ms. Moon said...

Well you know how I feel.
Also? That cow is creepy.

Red said...

I quite often look back at some of my major boo boos. I learned from each one. I guess they had to happen.

robin andrea said...

I've been an atheist for so long I can't remember how it happened. I love what Yorkshire Pudding wrote, "I don't need some medieval literary concoction to guide or subdue me. The God of Secular Humanism is my conscience." Yes!

Sharon Anck said...

I actually told a lady on an airplane who kept talking about religion that I was a secular humanist when she asked what religion I was. She stopped talking to me. Whew! I think these days, we could all use a warm, scented giraffe to hug.

Catalyst said...

I'm not sure if I'm a secular humanist or not. Most of the time I'm just a grouchy old man.

jenny_o said...

I didn't know the name (humanist) for what I am until now, and I feel pretty stupid about THAT, so thanks, Steve :)

I do like that giraffe. I use a microwavable heating pad on my hip at night. It is heavenly -- relieves any discomfort from the day's moving around.

The Bug said...

Aw - here I am in the minority, still clinging to an idea of God. Of course, that God-image has changed DRAMATICALLY from my Southern Baptist upbringing!

I am going to need that giraffe here directly - it's only September & already I'm getting cold in our house. Poor Mike. Ha!

Sandi said...

"Too bad I didn't have a warm, scented giraffe to make me feel better!"


Yeah. What situation isn't made better by a warm, scented giraffe? This made me laugh one of those "all better" laughs and I needed that today. So, thanks.

Also, I agree with your point.