Sunday, February 5, 2012


As our trusty meteorologists predicted, we had our first snowfall of the winter last night. Before I went to bed, I looked out the window and found that I couldn't see the tall buildings normally on the horizon through the falling shroud of white. This morning, the world looked thoroughly frozen and wintry.

The white snow contrasts nicely with the colorful houses across the street from our apartment. The snow is pretty wet, and the temperatures are supposed to climb above freezing today, so I don't think it will last long. Dave is happy about that -- he's supposed to fly back from Spain tomorrow, and snow-related flight delays would not be pretty.

A little farther afield, the Grand Union Canal is frozen over. It looks quite a bit chillier than it did a few months ago! That's Trellick Tower in the background. (I'm rethinking my earlier position that Trellick is London's Ugliest Building, but that's a subject for another post.)

The poor waterbirds were just standing around on the ice, looking hunched up and cold.

And the neighborhood was shuttered and quiet, at least when I was out before 10 a.m. The Portobello Juice Bar didn't look nearly as sunny and carefree as it did in August!


Reya Mellicker said...

You know how much I love your before and after pics of the same places. Cool!

Jealous of the snow. But there isn't going to be a winter in DC. I might as well look forward to spring.


Linda Sue said...

Brrrrr-rrrr, Winter is not pleasing to me this year, -the houses across the way are very cheery and I wonder what colour paint is decided upon, does the council decide? Trellick is horrid, no need to re-think! It is flat out ugly! It does ugly very well, so there's that...a champion of ugly!

37paddington said...

i love these views of your london. they seems curiously familiar somehow. they make me look back on my childhood year there with some affection, and that is a first for me!

Elizabeth said...

Yikes, it looks frigid. In January and February, I feel as if I live on another planet in Los Angeles.

Barbara said...

Hot chocolate sounds more appropriate! The weather this year is so odd. We are experiencing summer in January and you have snow. I'm glad I'm not one of those birds...

Ms.M said...

How apropo! I came over here to share that I am posting about the snow I got here in the mid west, and posting lots of pictures I took. I was inspired by your blog, and what do I find when I get here... pictures of snow!!! :)

You can read it on the fist link below.

Ms. M
Ms.M's Blog
A Teacher's Plan

Ms.M said...

I forgot to mention that it will post at 4:00 am my time with is about 6 hours behind you.

Ms. M

The Bug said...

That's where my snow is! Pretty :)