Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My Treasured Milk Crate

I just woke up from a full night's sleep! Hallelujah! Jet lag, I vanquish thee!

A quiet day yesterday, spent entirely within the boundaries of the suburban Detroit township where Dave's parents live. We managed to roust ourselves from the house to get to a European specialty market and buy ingredients for some of Dave's cooking projects, which include making his own sausage and paté.

(For some reason, the European specialty market included several shelves of Michigan potato chips. But never mind geography.)

I spent the day mostly reading and visiting, and looking through the boxes of stuff that Dave has stored in his parents' basement. We intend to go through that stuff and take what we want back to England. Dave will probably have his parents sell most of it at one of their community yard sales -- after all, this is stuff that we haven't touched or even thought about in three and a half years. It's hardly essential to our lives. But there are lots of photos and memorabilia, and some of that we want to save.

One of the items we've left behind here is my beloved Borden Dairy milk crate, which my brother and I found in the woods near our house in Florida back in 1980 or so. I used it for decades as my laundry hamper. Now Dave's dad stores caulking guns in it. I don't intend to schlep it back to England, but it was nice to visit it.

I've found some good photo opportunities, even in suburbia, and I'm still hoping to get into Detroit proper at least once.

(Top photo: A Chinese restaurant near Dave's parents, Brownstown, MI.)


Ms. Moon said...

I would definitely go to the Chopstick Inn. You bet!
Borden's Dairy. A part of my childhood too.
Well, enjoy yourselves and try not to let Dave get too crazy with the dinner.
Love from Florida which is definitely NOT sunny.

ellen abbott said...

back when I was a young married (21 or 22 at the time) you could still get milk delivered to your door in the early morning. I don't think I ever had a milk crate but I did have a couple which are long gone now.

Lynne said...

The difficult thing about Chinese food places is that you don't know how greasy they are, or if they are truly good. Guess I would give the Chopstick Inn a miss if I were you.

LOVE the Borden milk crate. Are you sure you want to leave it there to house caulking guns?

Linda Sue said...

Oh Detroit proper should be a bonanza for photography! YAY, can't wait!! Have a hppy Christmas and some great Dave sausage, which sounds a bit....like I should not have said that. Anyway, let the shenanigans begin! CHEERS!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, yes. That restaurant (at least photographed!) has your name all over it. I love that no matter where I go, when I see wonderful and strange storefronts, I think of you and how much you'd like it and how well you'd photograph it.

utahDOG! said...

dibs on the milk crate.