Saturday, January 16, 2016

An Illustrated Guide to Our Landscaping

I don't have much for you today. I'm about to skedaddle out the front door to French class. (And what's French for "skedaddle," anyway?)

I talked to our flat's managing agent yesterday about the front garden, and they said they'd sent my photos to a gardener for a price quote. As soon as the landlord approves the quote the work can begin. I have a feeling we'll be living with our fallen bush and overgrown shrubbery for a few more weeks, at least.

By request:

Here's the front of our house. (Nice recycling bin, huh?) Our flat is on the bottom. There's another family upstairs, and I believe they own that unit -- how they fit into the question of front garden maintenance I'm not sure. Anyway, as you can see, the bushes are quite overgrown and could use some pruning and shaping.

These tall, pointy Italian cypresses are the trees that bother the neighbor (who lives to the left). As you can see, they're not particularly close to her window, but whatever.

I've pretty much washed my hands of this whole situation. They aren't our bushes, and we're not responsible for them. I have to just let the landlord, the agent, the gardener and the neighbor sort out what happens.

(This is far more than you wanted to know about our landscaping, isn't it?!)

(Top photo: Police box mural in Streatham, South London.)


Marty said...

No, not more information than we wanted. It's helpful to see where everything is. Aside from thinking what an attractive building you have, I was also able to conclude that your neighbor is officially a pest (or possibly just a nut). Those cypresses are miles away.

Sharon said...

That really is a pretty place to live, overgrown bushes and all. Those cypress trees are wonderful. I can't see how they could possibly bother that neighbor. She just must be one who likes to complain. The neighborhood busybody.

Red said...

Yes, it is overgrown and in need of a good trim. some landlords seem to just let things run into the ground.

ellen abbott said...

I don't know, I kinda like the fullness. it doesn't look overgrown to me. and I fail to see how those cypress trees impact your neighbor at all.

The Bug said...

I'm with Ellen - although I know we might be in the minority. We have a little garden kind of like that just outside our church kitchen & it goes CRAZY in summer. I love it - and we get all kinds of complaints at how wild it is. Ha!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

French for "skedaddle"? It is I believe, "manger de la merde". Practise it with your French tutor - you might earn a gold star.

jenny_o said...

I actually like fuller growth, although it's always nice to cut back once in awhile to get things under control again. There must be something your neighbour can't see through the cypress bushes! It would be a shame to cut them down, in my opinion. The red tape you have to go through to get your shrub taken away is kind of over the top, isn't it?

alphabet soup said...

Thanks Steve - now I get the picture (so to speak) - if those trees were bothering anyone with regard to blocking light, it would have to be the people living in your building... LOL.

I notice the curtains are drawn in her windows and there is only sparse vegetation in the next door garden (that I can see); maybe these things are indications of the real problem.

Anyway, as you say, you do not have the final decision and you have washed your hands of the situation.

And as I am sure you understand, the French language is not a strong point in Yorkshire(LOL)
Ms Soup

Steve Reed said...

Marty: Aren't they?! I can't see how they could bother her.

Sharon: She is indeed.

Red: The funny thing is, I didn't really notice HOW overgrown it is until our bush collapsed.

Ellen: We like the full look too, and I don't think we want to change that. But this is a little out of hand.

Bug: I think we need a balance between having the garden look settled and having it look wild!

York: I know enough French to know THAT is not quite correct.

Jenny-O: Yeah, we just need a trim. Our own windows are a bit buried! I wouldn't even touch the cypresses if it were me.

Ms Soup: Well, when I said I "washed my hands" of it, I probably overstated my position. I just mean they have to sort it out. I hope they still allow us some input. (Certainly over the neighbor!) The curtains are always drawn in that front window next door and yes, her garden is mostly dirt.