Friday, April 7, 2017

Mystery Device

Someone discarded this device on our street, and I was genuinely perplexed about what it could be. I could tell it was Korean, but beyond that, I was at a a loss.

A coffee maker? Or maybe a medical device of some kind?

There weren't many clues. But then I Googled the few Western characters I could find, and came up with the answer. (The SCS-35 model number, to the left of the silver dial in the top and middle photos, gave it away.)

It's an ice-crushing machine.

Random! And it didn't stay on the side of the road for long -- just long enough for a bird to poop on it. Then someone carried it away. Waste not, want not!

In other news, I stayed home from work yesterday. I woke up with that terrible, someone's-sandpapered-my-airways feeling, like if I coughed it would hurt like crazy. So I tried not to cough, but that's like trying to hold back a wave in the ocean. I figured I didn't need to be sitting at my desk in my super-congested state, snuffling and hacking and snorting and wincing, so I stayed home on the couch. It was exactly what the doctor ordered (or would have, if I'd been to the doctor). This morning I feel better, so I plan to go in today.

I did manage, despite my plague, to rescue one more plant from the renovating neighbor's house -- a potful of pink valerian, shown here in bloom. Between that and the acanthus, I think I got the last two viable plants there!


  1. I don't know if you realise this Steve but we do have nurseries and garden centres in England. There's no need for gathering cast off plants left in the street.

  2. today is the plant swap at the library, leave one-take one. I've gotten a lot of good things there.

  3. Hope you get a grip on that cold. Viruses can be pesky. And I like the fact that you have set up a plant rescue center.

  4. What an odd looking machine. I would have been wondering what it was too. I hope that cold is now on the run!

  5. Some of these lost devices can make us very curious. I hope you're on the way to full recovery from the bug.

  6. I would suspect that machine originated in a restaurant or cafe. Either that or someone really loved their homemade slushies :) Glad to hear you're over the worst with your cold. I wish my lingering cough would just disappear!

  7. !. If I found an ice crushing machine, I would take it as proof that there is a god and that he loves me.
    2. I swear- you and I had the same virus.