Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Goldfinch

I don't want to get ahead of myself, here -- because it could all change in the blink of an eye -- but we are having an amazingly beautiful spring so far! I took Olga to Fortune Green and the cemetery yesterday, and there were so many people and children and dogs out that it was hard to find space to throw the Kong.

We managed it a few times at the cemetery, but even there, we encountered four or five women and their various small furry yipping dogs. They all circled Olga like paparazzi around Kim Kardashian. Olga slunk away to a secluded spot and chewed on her Kong, preferring to keep her own company.

Dave and I had a busy morning in the garden. We planted the acanthus, back by the bench where we sit with our evening G&Ts. Dave dug a gigantic hole, more power to him, and we maneuvered the plant into place. I think it will like that spot. (It had better, because it's not going anywhere ever again.)

This was the big news of the day -- a goldfinch on the goldfinch feeder! You may remember that Dave saw two on the feeder back in February, but I hadn't seen any at all. Then this one showed up and not only could I watch it for a while, but I had the camera handy. Woo hoo!

As you can see in this extremely blown-up version of the shot above, the goldfinch has a banded leg. I guess it must be part of a research project.

Finally, here's our latest plant rescue effort. You may remember that last year a wild foxglove appeared at the side of the house, growing in a pavement crack. We left it alone and it reseeded itself, but its offspring was growing in a seam in a pipe coming from our upstairs neighbor's flat. Well, they're not going to want that foxglove lousing up their plumbing, and in fact I doubt it could have survived there anyway.

So I gingerly pulled the plant out, but only a tiny cluster of roots came with it. We put it in a glass on the kitchen windowsill, where I'm hoping it will grow more roots so we can put it in the garden somewhere. It might be a long shot.

Last night we went to dinner with our pals Chris and Linda, at a crazy place in Kensington with a very elaborate rooftop garden. There were trees and a pond and flamingoes walking around -- all on top of an old department store building. Surreal!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Do Yipping dogs originate from Yip-Ping in China? Nice to know that London was also bathed in sunshine yesterday.

e said...

I'm glad you're having beautiful weather. We are too. This is a nice time of year to enjoy a garden and Olga looks beyond content in that cemetery photo. Did you get any photos of that rooftop garden? I'm surprised Flamingoes can live in London, but then again, you seem to have quite a lot of wild life there.

Marty said...

When we have the bird feeders out at home, we can watch the finches' color deepen as spring comes. The reds get redder and the gold ones golder.

Ms. Moon said...

That bird was a gift to you! How beautiful!
I have things rooting in dirt and water all over this house. It's an addiction.

ellen abbott said...

we've had some nice weather here that last several days. Were it me I would get some rooting hormone powder (you can get it at a garden center) and dust the roots and go ahead and put it in a pot in dirt, keeping it moist but not soggy. it will do better I think than in water.

37paddington said...

Sound as if your spring is in full and happy swing. I love rooftop gardens.

Red said...

I think many people may be envious of your pleasant weather. It's nice when people and critters can get out.

Cheryl West said...

We are looking forward to warmer weather this coming week and I am very ready to get to work in the garden.
Your goldfinch has more color variation than those in New England but ours do get to be a brighter yellow as the season progresses.
I enjoyed the tour of the rooftop gardens. What a lovely place.

Sabine said...

That is a wonderful shot of the goldfinch!

Sharon said...

Oh my gosh, I wanted to visit that rooftop garden place when I was there and never made it. I'll have to save it for the next trip. When I saw the title to your post, I thought you were talking about the book not the actual bird. What a colorful little bird it is and you got a great picture of it. Best of luck with your latest plant rescue mission.

jenny_o said...

I am imagining how nice that cool grass feels to Olga after running around!

You are a Plant Whisperer for sure. My mother can make anything grow, like you do, but I didn't get that gene.