Thursday, November 6, 2008


I seem to be getting a cold. I've had a couple of minor respiratory infections this fall -- is this when happens when you get into your 40s? Your immune system goes to hell? Anyway, it's very minor -- just a scratchy throat and fatigue. I skipped the gym and drank up all my orange juice. Unfortunately I have to get to the office, though, because my boss is out and I'm the only person to run the show. Lucky me!

(Photo: Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 2008)


  1. I started getting a lot of respiratory infections when I became allergic to many things all of a sudden. Since I have been on allergy shots, I have seldom been sick. Sounds like your body is fighting something.

    Sorry you can't stay home and rest. Hope you feel better soon. Chicken soup... don't know what the vegetarian equivalent is (maybe something with lots of ginger)! :)

  2. YES - I think it MUST have something to do with age. I seem to have had quite a few "little colds" this year myself (turned 40 in July), and I hardly ever used to get sick at all. Ugh!

  3. Take care! This cold is taking over the respiratory systems of people of all ages. It's not your age.

    Chicken soup, lots of rest ... feel better soon!

  4. cold-free vibes your way!

  5. Well, if it's any comfort, this old codger (52) gets far few colds than he did in his 20s and 30s. Much of that is due to a much healthier lifestyle and living in California for the past 12 years. Hope that's some comfort. Stock up on the chicken soup and OJ in the meantime.

  6. Sorry you are under the weather. Chicken soup, OJ and some regular immune support like Elderberry extract (Sambucol in the health food store or covelent silver, also a liquid, can help.) As far as the age thing, we tend to burn our candles at both ends more in middle age---something to do with more demands on our time--

    I hope you get a chance to rest and feel better soon.

  7. That street art is amazing! And I'm sending healing thoughts your way. I'm just getting over a nasty cold myself, and it's definitely not pleasant. I hope you don't get sick!

  8. Hi Steve - saw you at Laurie's blog and thought I'd come by and check out your blog - glad I did! You have some great photos and I'm looking forward to exploring your blog further...

    Hope you feel better. I'm in my early 40's as well (41)... although I haven't noticed an uptick in the respiratory ails, I definitely notice my joints are not as "happy" as they used to be.

    C'est la vie...

    I can only imagine how cool it was to be in NYC when the election results were announced. (I went to NYU about a billion years ago... the energy in the city is truly amazing. In fact, I was there in '86 when the Mets won the Series...)!

    Anyway, take care - feel better!
    -HWHL (a fellow Obama supporter and former New Yorker)