Sunday, November 2, 2008


I went walking in Brooklyn yesterday, and when I took the train out there I saw this amazing piece of graffiti from the elevated tracks. When I got off the train, I went looking for the graffiti, and eventually found it, though I had to crawl through a fence to get a good photo.

This is what's different about this presidential election. When in the past have we seen such motivation that people would paint a huge graffiti piece on a candidate's behalf? I'm not seeing John Kerry's name on this wall. (Or John McCain's.)


  1. I'm excited and scared. Saw on the news this morning that they've had problems in four states with voting machines that flip to a "different" candidate. (In all cases the flip was from Obama to McCain.) The talking heads were going on and on about how hard it would be to obtain enough paper ballots. My roommate and I looked at each other in disbelief. We could go to Kinkos this morning and have enough paper ballots for the entire District of Columbia by tomorrow.

    I worry about people having to stand in line all day to vote. I fear they will give up and go home.

    Let's face it ... I've got serious PTSD from the last couple of elections.

    But my fingers are crossed and I'm trying to be calm.

    Thanks for this!

    Oh ... and happy happy you know what. Celebrate!! All of us are so lucky that you're in the mix of the living world, walking around and taking your pictures. Oh yeah!

  2. what a great find

    pretty much on tenterhooks over here too

  3. Let's hope this artist is predicting the outcome! Obama's name really looks good just about any way you slice it (or draw it)!

  4. I'm so excited and anxious I can hardly think of anything else. I got election fever, and I got it bad!

    I LOVE this photo. You always find the coolest stuff. If I come down to NYC sometime can we go on an "urban walk" and take lots of pictures?

  5. I'm hoping 538 Nate has it right. In California we are also hoping that the Obama wave will help to defeat prop 8.

  6. Nothing to fear, my friends.

    By the way, the word in the word verification for my comment is 'excel'. Kooky, eh?

  7. I just talked to my dad's cousin in Chicago. She is on pins and needles regarding this election, too. She's eighty-one and met Obama a decade ago. very impressed with him.

    Because I live in Florida, land of the nefarious and notorious hanging chad where people have been passing out in extraordinarily long lines waiting to vote because no-one planned well and not enough polling places were opened, I hope that nothing goes wrong this time!