Friday, September 22, 2023


We've been having some gnarly weather here -- lots of wind and rain. My sunflowers are still standing but their stems have been tested! (I staked them up so they've had some help.) This is Olga on our walk yesterday morning, with a colorful arrangement of street gear.

I honestly don't have much to report, and I'm sure you're not interested in my reflections on Rupert Murdoch's retirement (my one-word summary: FINALLY!) or anything else in the news cycle. I have been listening to a fascinating podcast called "Q-Anon Anonymous," in which three regular hosts take a critical and humorous look at a lot of the weirdness in and around the Q-Anon movement. It's darned entertaining and my take-away, after hearing roughly seven one-hour episodes, is that there's a lot of undiagnosed mental illness out there.

Dave, meanwhile, has been watching YouTube. He looked up from his computer the other day and said, "A wuzzle is when same-sex dolphins get together for an orgy."

What did we ever do without the Internet? Honestly.

In the library, a child returned a book the other day that felt slightly lumpy beneath the dust jacket. (I handle so many library books I can immediately tell if something is off about one of them, just as I can immediately tell if a book is out of place on a shelf.) I peered beneath the dust jacket and found this:

So here's my helpful message to school children everywhere: PLEASE don't store your raisins in your library books.

(It's interesting to note that on the lower left flap of that raisin box is the date "Aug 22." I hope that's a date of production and not an expiration date. How long have those raisins been in that book?!)


Andrew said...

Did the raisins still taste ok?
I'm sure someone will be along some time this year to pick up the road works paraphernalia.

gz said...

I was rather disappointed that our sunflowers didn't grow very tall..but am rather glad now!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Olga stopped, I see, to take note of the uselessness of the “Diverted traffic” sign.

Ew, the raisins. At least they weren't crawling with bugs.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I wonder how many raisin chomping schoolchildren read "Shadows and Light"? Wouldn't it be great if those awkward Tenth Grade lads stumbled across your blog? They would soon see a side of their nemesis that they had never guessed at.

Bob said...

My take on Murdoch stepping down is one word also: Good.
Now I'll be thinking of gay dolphin orgies all day; I mean, how many are there out there?
Maybe the raisins were meant as a book mark?

The Bug said...

That's hilarious about the raisins. Also, thank Dave for his very useful dolphin information :)

Ms. Moon said...

Maybe after Murdoch divorced Jerry Hall, his new girlfriend insisted that he retire so that they can enjoy more time together.
Now that I know that same sex dolphins get together for orgies I think I have finished with my entire education. That's enough for one lifetime. Tell Dave thanks.
And oh- raisins never expire as far as I know.

Ellen D. said...

We used to find the oddest things left in library books when we were doing check-in. If it was something valuable, we would try to return it to the owner. I don't remember ever finding raisins, tho!

Tasker Dunham said...

Our solitary sunflower stem was fine, but it pulled out at the root. We've stamped it back in.

Boud said...

I have heard of a strip of bacon as a bookmark. Seems a waste though.

I love Olga studying that accidental still life.

NewRobin13 said...

Raisins in a library book... now that's something I would have never guessed you would find there.
I love learning a new word-- wuzzle. Thank Dave for me.

Sharon said...

That certainly has to be one of the strangest Library book discoveries. I recently bought a book called "Trust the Plan" which is all about QAnon and it's rise in popularity. I've been reading it in bits but so far, I'd agree about that mental illness diagnosis.

Jim Davis said...

Good news on Murdoch, sorta, Lachlan is taking over and by most reports he's just a younger version of Rupert. With regard to QAnon, yep, mental illness and sheer stupidity abound.....................

Ed said...

I don't know much about Rupert Murdoch other than he is politically polarizing to some. When I heard that he was retiring and handing over the reigns to his son, I automatically assume that his son is a chip off the old block or as they sometimes are, even worse than their old man. Either way, it really doesn't affect me because I don't subscribe to any of their sources of media.

Marty said...

Hey, at least the kid chose a healthy snack.

Rachel Phillips said...

The reflection in the puddle makes interest in the street photo.

Kelly said...

That's interesting about the dolphins. I wonder if Flipper ever joined a wuzzle?!?

Catalyst said...

Was the book titled "A Raisin in the Sun"?

Margaret said...

A wuzzle? I had no idea. Raisins are SO sticky--yuck.

Blondi Blathers said...

"that there's a lot of undiagnosed mental illness out there"

Yes! Exactly what I've been thinking.
The fearfulness and paranoia of conspiracy theory promoters reminds me of symptoms of schizophrenia.

Add to that the fervor of evangelicals who can't help but spread their gospel because they know the truth that will save us all and you sure don't. Just try to avoid it -- they will repeatedly bring up their whackadoodle ideas to anyone who will listen and even to those who are not interested and would prefer not to be preached at.


Steve Reed said...

Andrew: Your comment made me both laugh and gag. My boss made me throw them out pronto because they grossed her out so much.

GZ: Yeah, given the weather, that's probably a good thing!

Mitchell: All that stuff has been lying in the street for ages. Yes, thank god, no insects.

YP: Maybe it would humanize me? Or would it simply reveal all my vulnerabilities?

Bob: Good, but I doubt things will change much at Fox as a result. I think Lachlan is a chip off the old block.

Bug: Dave is a fount of useless knowledge!

Ms Moon: Jerry Hall was two wives back, wasn't she? I think Wendi Deng came after her.

Ellen D: I find a lot of interesting bookmarks, and sometimes photos and other things. I usually do try to return them.

Tasker: Fortunately sunflowers are pretty durable!

Boud: Ha! A waste of a perfectly good book, you mean!

Robin: It was a new word for me too! Probably not very useful in daily life. Unless you're a dolphin.

Sharon: Yes! I saw something about that book recently. Tell me if you like it!

Jim: The weird thing is, not all of these people are stupid. Some are quite smart. But I think they're genuinely paranoid, unhealthily so.

Ed: Yeah, my impression is that Lachlan is much like his father, but I guess time will tell.

Marty: True! It could have been a Snickers bar!

Rachel: Yeah, I love reflections in photos and that caught my eye here as well.

Kelly: Ha! Well, you know those Hollywood types! ;)

Catalyst: OMG, that would have been a brilliant coincidence! But no.

Margaret: I had to get a damp cloth and wipe off the cover and the inside of the dust jacket -- not very easy when the jacket is attached with library tape!

Kate: EXACTLY! It's hard to listen to what some of these people believe, and the levels of mistrust that they feel toward the government and other authorities, and not suspect that there's not a touch of schizophrenia involved.

Jeanie said...

A wuzzle? Who knew? And raisins in the books? Well, it's always something, as Gilda said. I can't cope with the Q-Anon world. I keep wondering what rock these people crawled out from under. And why don't they go back there?

JDC said...

He looked up from his computer the other day and said, "A wuzzle is when same-sex dolphins get together for an orgy."

What did we ever do without the Internet? Honestly.

Made me laugh! I guess that's why (one reason) I keep reading your blog. =^)