Wednesday, April 24, 2024

All Creatures

This inconspicuous little flower appeared on our prayer plant not too long ago -- the first time it has bloomed that I can remember. This is a plant given to me by a co-worker, and I used to keep it on my desk at work. But even though the library has a lot of windows, my desk isn't particularly well lit by natural light, and the plant never got very big (and in fact almost died over a weeklong break with inadequate water). I finally brought it home last year and put it in a new pot, and now it's twice the size and blooming.

Plants, like the rest of us, just want a little love and attention.

Speaking of which, thanks for your comments and good wishes on my post yesterday. I hate writing about medical stuff but if I didn't mention it, I'd feel inauthentic in my blogging. I don't always have a lot to say here, but I do want to reflect what's really happening in my life.

I went in for my blood tests yesterday morning -- yes, I climbed the hill -- and that all went smoothly. Then I walked from the hospital through Belsize Park to work, and on the way I passed:

Isn't this a remarkable construction? It says around the oblong globe at the top, "What a wonderful world," and around the green edge, "Home not just for us but for all creatures." The little card attached attributes it to the Belsize Creates Craft Club at Belsize Community Library. (No doubt also responsible for the yarn library sign I saw a few weeks ago.)

Apparently they've installed several "toppers" on this post box, which have been repeatedly stolen or vandalized. But the crafters persist! I'm glad I got to see this one.


Mike O'Brien said...

May your hill climb pay off with enlightening test results that indicate a minor, fixable problem. We appreciate your candor in posting about worrisome stuff.

That Earth Day (?) knitted sculpture is a real find. I didn't know that prayer plants even had flowers (I obviously had not put a lot of thought into prayer plant reproduction...)

Chris from Boise

gz said...

Well done for climbing the hills, both metaphorical and actual.

Yael said...

"Plants, like the rest of us, just want a little love and attention."
That says all, about all of us.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Let's hope that the postbox's lovely hat stays in position for a week or two. There's always someone who will come along to spoil the party. I hope you get the results of the blood tests sooner rather than later.

Elle Clancy said...

That is lovely; so much hard work. Good for them for persisting.

Do you get your test results online? I do, way before my doctor sees them. Which I would rather (as opposed to waiting until she has time to sit down, review them, and then call me). Here's hoping also something minor, easily dealt w/now you know the source. ♥

Bob said...

What a great piece of art to stumble upon! I'd love finding things like that randomly displayed on the streets.

Sending good thoughts about the test results.

Boud said...

Those post boxes make useful gallery spaces. Hoping for the best on your testing.

Debby said...

How awful that people would steal/vandalize those toppers. They are so sweet! The sentiment on this one is very poignant. We all should be able to call this place home. Good luck on that medical stuff. I hope they can figure out the problem.

Ms. Moon said...

I would almost think that such a display would invite theft. At least of the individual little bits of it. So cheerful.
And now, as Tom Petty said- The Waiting Is The Hardest Part.
You are loved.

ellen abbott said...

a fun installation to come across but I wonder why they made the earth shaped like a football. fingers crossed for good results and answers.

Ed said...

Seems like a LOT of work only to get vandalized. I think if I were doing the knitting, I would insist on places to put it inside where vandalism is more rare.

Ellen D. said...

What a sweet and colorful topper they created! I hope it doesn't get taken.
Do you have "My Chart" where you are? All my medical appointments, history and test results are posted for me to see when I sign in there. We get results pretty quickly that way.

Sharon said...

Wow, that is quite a display of yarn and talented knitters. The craft club sounds like a positive group of people.
What a tiny little flower on that plant. I think you've made it happy!

The Bug said...

Oh I'm in awe of that yarn project! Wow! That's a lotta work!

Susan said...

My prayer plant has never had a flower. I did not realize the plant could flower. The topper is well crafted and cheerful. I hope it stays in place.

Pixie said...

That yarn topper is amazing. I can see why they get stolen.

Margaret said...

That's clever and unique. I hope the results of your blood tests are good. I should probably go to my doctor; it's been over a year. I forgot about it and they didn't remind me.

Kelly said...

I'm always impressed by those knitted/crocheted masterpieces, but they also baffle me a bit. I wouldn't think your climate there is good for an outside yarn display.

Glad you got the blood work done! I had one of my "put my mind at ease" checkups this morning, so one less thing for me to worry about (for now).

Catalyst said...

Why would anyone want to vandalize such a thing. I can understand someone stealing it but not doing it harm. I guess we'll never understand young people.

Jennifer said...

I hope it turns out that everything is okay, Steve. Hang in there.

Andrew said...

I'm sure the post box topper makes many children smile, and adults too. I forget who's blog but someone else features another similarly decorated post box.

sparklingmerlot said...

Sending good thoughts for a postive result (or negative depending on which way you look at it!).

Wilma said...

The exuberance of the yarn creation really lifts one's spirits!

River said...

I love the post box topper! I've seen others on another blog that are seasonal, with Christmas and Easter ones, St Patrick's Day too.

Steve Reed said...

Chris: I didn't know prayer plants could bloom either, until a co-worker's had a flower. And then ours did! Thanks for the good wishes. :)

GZ: Thank you. I could say the same to you. :)

Yael: It really does. Animals, too! (Well, of course, we are animals.)

YP: Yeah, I wonder how long they last, on average?

Elle: OK, you inspired me to check, and I CAN see my test results online! So that's good to know. The ones that are back have been mostly normal, but there are still some important ones pending.

Bob: Thanks for the good wishes. Yeah, I love finding such amazing art out and about!

Boud: Which is good, since they're not as useful for postage anymore!

Ms Moon: Thanks. :)

Ellen: Maybe they had trouble making a perfect sphere. I imagine that might be hard?

Ed: I guess they make it knowing that it's temporary. A gesture toward the ephemeral nature of all things.

Ellen D: Yeah, Elle mentioned that too. I signed in yesterday and saw a lot of my results, which I had no idea I could do! Several important ones still pending, though.

Sharon: I think the plant, which sits near the radiator, has been overheated a bit because the flower's edges are slightly shriveled. But overall it seems happy.

Bug: Isn't it amazing? And it's even more amazing that they put so much work into it knowing that it's likely to be stolen or vandalized.

Susan: Well, maybe they don't ALL flower. Could it have to do with the gender of the plant? Don't plants have gender?

Pixie: Isn't it incredible? I love all the little critters.

Margaret: I've never been asked to come in for a check-up. I only go when I'm feeling ill.

Kelly: I guess it depends on what kind of yarn is used. Maybe an acrylic or similar artificial fiber would be weather-resistant.

Catalyst: Well, when they say "vandalize," they might mean people stealing pieces off it instead of stealing the whole thing. I can see how someone might try to cut off one of the animals, for example. But yeah, wanton destruction I don't get at all.

Jennifer: Thanks! I will keep everyone posted!

Andrew: I've seen similar ones elsewhere in London, but maybe not this detailed. Perhaps you saw one of my earlier ones? I remember finding one in South London made to look like Stonehenge.

Caro: Thank you!

Wilma: Doesn't it? It's quite spectacular and cheerful.

River: I guess such creations are quite common in Britain and anywhere else with similar post boxes. I've also seen them on bollards, signposts and other bits of "street furniture."

Steve Reed said...

Debby: Sorry, you were in spam! Yes, I agree about the sentiment of this topper. It's just such a positive message and a worthwhile reminder. I'll keep everyone posted on the medical situation!

Moving with Mitchell said...

Oh how I love this! I wondered how long it survived but I’m glad someone is enjoying it!

Jeanie said...

I really appreciate your authenticity and sharing honestly. It's what makes you "real" -- and true.

I love that installation on the box. Nicely done and so colorful!