Thursday, April 18, 2024

Library Drama

Adventures in library inventory continue! Yesterday I did the 900s (history), which is our single biggest Dewey Decimal range. We have 4,290 books in the 900s, and I scanned all but one -- the single book that's missing, about Meiji Japan. The kids did a research project on topics including Meiji Japan just this spring, so I'm sure one of them walked off with it. I'm hopeful it will make its way back to us.

I also heard back from a senior girl who has had a book on genetics checked out since the end of November. I have e-mailed her multiple times, and of course she's being sent weekly overdue notices, and up to now she has been completely unresponsive. I finally wrote her again this week and copied her homeroom teacher, and specifically requested a response. She wrote yesterday apologizing for her "late reply" and saying she would return the book when she's done with a research project.

Of course that's fine, and I renewed her book -- but I also reminded her that promptly responding to her e-mails could have avoided this whole kerfuffle, "and also prevents the librarians from becoming cranky." Am I making it about me? I suppose so, but hopefully it's also a learning opportunity for her.

What would you do without my library drama to read about?!

Some of you asked yesterday how I set my iPhone to put the date and time behind the dome of St. Paul's on my home screen. (See yesterday's post if you haven't already.) Actually, I didn't set it to do that! The phone did it automatically and I have no idea why. Blogger Kelly wrote a possible solution in the comments, related to a setting for wallpaper "Depth Effect," so if you're interested you might check out her response.

I went to the doctor last night to follow up on my recurrent gastritis, which has been bothering me again. He's asked for some more tests. I've cut back on my alcohol consumption but I'm still stubbornly sticking to my three cups of coffee a day! Dave thinks I need to cut that back too -- in fact he's more concerned about that than wine with dinner.

Oh, and I finally got our taxes ironed out. After I got that additional form from my brother, the H&R Block tax preparer who reviewed our initial return was kind enough to amend it for me at no extra charge. Of course our tax bill has now gone up, but c'est la vie. Death and taxes, as they say.

(Photos: From my walks to and from work yesterday.)


Yael said...

I really like reading about your adventures in the library, and also the special pictures that your eye catches in places where I'm sure others don't see what you see.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

If Neflix could make a drama around chess ("The Queen's Gambit"), I feel sure they'd be interested in a library-themed drama. It might be titled, "Please Be Quiet" and of course there would have to be a mysterious death and romantic intrigue between the hero - Reed Stephens and the head of the library Cruella DeMusk.

Andrew said...

My school librarian was very nice to me but Mrs Phillips could be very cranky at times. I won't say children were terrified of her, but they did do what she told them to do. "Mrs Phillips, can I classify some books for you?" My first was correct, 500.00 or something like that. After that, my memory fails me. Is 500 science? I can't remember.

What great public seating your council provides, with a nice couch to sit upon in the street. I would turn it around though.

Sorry about your gastritis. Not irritable bowel?

I wonder if the partly missing word is Islamophobic or Homophobic. You do note such interesting things as you walk.

Bob said...

The last thing you want is a cranky librarian coming for you! 😁

Debby said...

Lol. That's the ticket right there! Raise the specter of the cranky librarian coming for them.

The Bug said...

I was such a goody twoshoes student that I can't imagine ignoring emails from the librarian. Now today I ignore emails all the time!

Ms. Moon said...

Sometimes I forget you have girls at your school too! Seems like most of the problem-causers are boys.
I really am sorry to hear about your gastric flare-ups. Or whatever they are. I hope they can get to the source of it all.

Susan said...

Coffee is acidic and my doc said no more coffee. I said, half coffee and half cream/milk. My acid problem went away. I kept my coffee. I wonder if you did not seek out the missing books, would they simply never return to the library.

Ellen D. said...

My daughter had stomach issues and was told to keep a food diary. It really helped her figure out what triggers her problems and now she knows what to avoid. You might try that for a few weeks to see if you can find the culprit that is causing your discomfort.

Ed said...

I would make a great librarian in the sense that I love to be around books and read them. I would make a horrible librarian doing what you are doing to get books returned. I would have a hard time writing emails without death threats to their beloved pets if the books don't show up!

After I made my comment, I researched and found the depth effect setting but unfortunately it is grayed out on my phone and says it can only be used on pictures taken with newer iPhones. Mine was digitally painted so not usable.

Sharon said...

It's funny how some people are sticklers for following the rules and others don't even think about it. If that was me with the book, I'd have been totally embarrassed by the first email request and rushed to return the book. It would have bothered me every moment until that was done.

Kelly said...

I notice they have that couch turned where it won't encourage sitting.

My phone is older (XR), but it still offers the depth effect for certain photos. The ones I currently use for wallpaper and my lock screen aren't such that depth could be utilized.

I agree with Dave about the coffee.

Margaret said...

I love my coffee too and would have much more trouble cutting back on that than on alcohol. But I know it's acidic which can cause stomach issues.

Wilma said...

Stomach issues can really wear you down, physically and emotionally. I love my coffee - 1 good sized cup a day with lots of milk and sweetner. I would definitely give up alcohol before coffee! Great photos! I was worried the library drama was more serious; along the lines of the parents saying how dare you suggest/imply that they should be concerned with their son reading Mein Kampf!

Tasker Dunham said...

"What would you do without my library drama to read about?!" I would go cranky.

Catalyst said...

But you didn't tell us about that couch/sofa/davenport on the sidewalk. I've heard about angry wives forcing their husbands to spend the night in the doghouse but this is something new. British reserve, perhaps?

Susan Kane said...

Dave is right. Cut out/back on the coffee.

Steve Reed said...

Yael: I'm glad the library adventures are interesting -- sometimes I doubt whether anyone cares! LOL

YP: If it's a murder mystery, I think it should be called "Please be Quiet, FOREVER." I love the name Cruella de Musk.

Andrew: Yes, 500s is science! Good memory! Many people seem to have stories of encounters with fearsome librarians. I can't imagine what the kids say about me. I didn't even think of "Islamophobic " -- given the spacing of the lines, my money is on "homophobic."

Bob: That's for sure. We are serious, and we are scary!

Debby: And we wonder why kids don't read? LOL

Bug: But you don't ignore them ALL. I think a lot of kids here don't even bother reading their e-mail.

Ms Moon: Yeah, we are co-educational. (Is that still the accepted term?) It's probably safe to say the boys are the main culprits.

Susan: That might be a good solution. I should try that. I already weakened the coffee I drink at work.

Ellen D: Dave and I have talked about that, but it sounds awfully exhausting!

Ed: Oh, so it doesn't recognize a digital painting? Maybe it can't discern depth in that kind of image.

Sharon: There is a deep feeling of shame associated with returning late books (or paying for lost ones), at least among many people of our generation!

Kelly: It sounds like you're in a similar situation to Ed!

Margaret: I'd rather do weaker coffee than NO coffee. I already weakened the coffee I drink at work.

Wilma: Ha! Well, that drama isn't over. They didn't bring the book back and Mom said it was fine as long as he understands the context, which presumably she is talking to him about.

Tasker: Ha! I'm not sure one "goes" cranky. Instead one "gets" cranky or "becomes" cranky. It's not like crazy. :)

Catalyst: It's mighty short to be someone's bed!

Susan: It would be hard for me to cut it out, but I could cut it back, I suppose.