Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bathing Beauty

Check out this playful (or eerie, depending on your state of mind) tableau in the front garden of one of our neighbors.

From some angles, this bathing beauty is given a modicum of modesty by a big shrub growing in front of her bathtub. I'm not sure what's growing in her bathtub. She's most visible at this time of year, when the foliage is more sparse.

Upon closer inspection -- yikes! She's been decapitated!

(I believe the hot water bottle is a special winter addition.)

Unfortunately, I couldn't get a clearer shot of her mossy shoes!

In general, I question the use of household plumbing for plants. But this is better than toilets.


  1. Now that is just downright creepy!

  2. This is the sort of thing that charms me to pieces! I love it!

  3. Oh yes, better than toilets but not by much.

  4. I was scrolling down someone's blog list and saw your title and thought, it is Joni. I was right. Love anyone who quotes Joni. She was recently honored at the Los Angeles Museum of Art. No one like her. I doubt she'd like the yard art.

  5. I used an old bathtub for a water lily pond in the yard in the city. glad they are keeping her warm with the hot water bottle.

  6. I think this is you say much better than a toilet and a conversation piece.

  7. Weird and wonderful - and I just love those boots.

    Ms Soup

  8. Lynne: I agree!

    Ms Moon: It's certainly a unique feature in our neighborhood.

    Sharon: Ha!

    Donna: Thanks for visiting! YES, if I had to name a favorite singer/songwriter, Joni would be the one. Who knows? She might be into this kind of thing. I can see a Lady of the Canyon making yard art. :)

    Ellen: If they'd use this as a lily pond, that would be cool. I'm less enthused about the planter option.

    Bug: Good! :)

    E: It definitely inspires conversation! I see people stopping to check it out all the time.

    Ms Soup: The boots make the scene, don't they? All mossy and gross...

  9. They look like strawberry leaves around the dummies face