Sunday, January 4, 2015

Olga Retrieval

I'm sitting in the dark living room now, watching the sky lighten to gray through the fog blanketing the yard. And Olga is snoozing beside me. Yes, we are a complete family once again.

We went to pick her up yesterday morning, and as usual the transit system wasn't cooperating -- a tube closure left us stranded at Bond Street and we had to take a bus from there to Notting Hill. I wasn't winning popularity points with Dave because I was trying to run the entire errand without using a cab, in order to save the money. But on the bus I threw in the towel and we agreed to take a cab home with the dog.

By the time we reached the passive-agressive dog boarder's place, it was 9:20 a.m., about twenty minutes past the time we'd said we would pick Olga up. "Oh!" said the woman who runs the kennel. "I was just about to send her out on a walk because you're so late."

Have I mentioned how intensely I dislike this woman? When we dropped off Olga she made us buy a dog collar because she said she needed somewhere to put the kennel ID tag, and they couldn't (or wouldn't) tag Olga's harness. Every time we go to that kennel she criticizes us and makes us buy something extra. When we lived in Notting Hill and first contracted with her to walk Olga, our vet warned us that she was "certifiable." I've never forgotten that.

But the important thing is, she and her employees do seem to treat the dogs well. Olga greeted us joyously and ate and drank like a horse when we got home. Then she slept the sleep of the dead all night, as did I.

We stayed home all day yesterday, getting organized. I finished the Jonathan Tropper book, changed the sheets, ate lightly and walked the dog. Back to routine!

(Top photo: A parking lot in Willesden Green, Dec. 13.)


  1. Your pictures from Detroit are fabulous!

    I love it that a shockwave passed through the family when you went for a walk! Ha ha ha!! It's like that when I'm with my midwestern family, too.

    QUIT MORE BOOKS! Yeah. Life is short and you'll never be able to read everything you want so why slog through books you don't like?

    Happy new year!

  2. Oh dear Olga. She is home with her humans and all is right with the world.

  3. not back to my daily routine til tomorrow. well, I might make a stab at getting the last wax bowl ready for casting. I think I'd be looking for another kennel. Olga probably picks up on you dislike of the woman. surely that's not the only one that treats the dogs well.

  4. So good to see OLGA and to know that you are back home. The kennel person sounds like she might need a vacation in the sun and an enema.What a pill! Good to know that Olga is treated well ( as far as we know), that is the main thing.
    Glad you are back!
    Happy New Year.

  5. Olga looks glad to have you back. I bet it feels good to get back to normal routine. I hope to do that tomorrow.

  6. This sounds so cozy, the family together again, the comfort and peace of your familiar routine.

  7. Olga always looks so happy when she is with you...right dog, right humans. Glad you're back to your routines.

  8. This post made me laugh. That woman does sound like a pain in the ass.

  9. Certifiable!!

    What a worry...does the vet know some-one else who doesn't fall into this category and who might look after Olga when you go away?

    Ms soup