Friday, January 13, 2023

Restless Dream

This gigantic piece of public art is called "Restless Dream," by Zadok Ben-David, from 1993. It's mounted on the monumental building that serves as the western entrance to the Limehouse Link Tunnel, which carries the A1203 highway beneath the Limehouse Basin, connecting the City of London to Canary Wharf.

I saw it on one of my recent Thames Path walks, and it immediately made me think of the carousel scene from the 1976 movie "Logan's Run." Do any of you remember that film? It takes place in a futuristic society where people are only allowed to live until they're 30, and then they participate in a ceremony called carousel ( or "Carrousel") that exterminates them. And the ceremony looks just like that sculpture!

It's enough to give any commuter nightmares.

Things are finally calming down at work. I am caught up on the day-to-day and focusing once again on getting back overdue materials. I still have two kids who have books out from last summer, if you can believe it. I was assured by the parents that the kids would come in yesterday and pay for them, but of course they didn't. Story of my life.

I'm between books myself at the moment. Someone left a copy of "Disloyal," the memoir by Donald Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, on the free table in the library several weeks ago and I picked it up thinking I might read it. But I skimmed the introduction yesterday and it already seems dated. Besides, I'm not sure I can stomach that much Donald Trump.

A co-worker who knows I'm walking the Thames Path gave me a copy of Jerome K. Jerome's book "Three Men in a Boat," which is considered a British classic. (I'd never heard of it before I moved here, so maybe it's not as popular overseas.) It's about a boating holiday on the Thames. Anyway, I might try that one. It's supposed to be funny.

A few nights ago Dave made meatloaf in honor of my recently-departed uncle, since it was said at his funeral to be one of his favorite meals. That was a kind gesture on Dave's part. Besides, who doesn't like meatloaf?


gz said...

Also Three men on a Bummel...about the three on a triplet...a bicycle made for three!

Steve Reed said...

Yes, that's included in the volume I have!

Moving with Mitchell said...

That art was interesting until I, too, was reminded of the carousel ceremony. You're absolutely right. Do you suppose that was the intention?

I couldn't stomach that much Donald Trump either. And I have a hard time believing anything Michael Cohen says no matter whose side he's now on. (Besides he's only ever on his own side.)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Meatloaf has never really been a thing in England but on the few occasions I have had it I have enjoyed it. I guess you get good and bad ones. The kids who didn't turn up with the book money deserve to be caned. Six of the best across their buttocks should bring about the desired outcome.

David said...

Oh, you will love Three Men in a Boat - I read that as a teenager and I have re-read it several times over the years. The movie was quite a good adaptation also.

Bob said...

I remember Logan's Run and I'd avoid that tunnel at all costs.

Ms. Moon said...

I made meatloaf this week. Isn't that funny? Or maybe not.
I never saw Logan's Run and now I do not want to.

NewRobin13 said...

I haven't had meatloaf in more than 50 years. Now when I see that word I think of the singer/actor Meatloaf, which is pretty weird because I can't remember ever hearing him sing or see him act.

Ellen D. said...

I love meatloaf - especially leftover meatloaf in a sandwich.
I have never seen Logan's Run - looks scary to me.
Three Men in a boat sounds like a fun book!

Ed said...

I hadn't watched Soylent Green either until last year. Now it sounds like I'm going to have to search this one out to watch too. Those sorts of movies tend to tickly me in the right mental spot.

Red said...

Sounds like a creepy story.

Ed said...

Netflix DVD has it and also another one with the same title made a year later. The plots sound different but still avoiding capture. I have added the 1976 one to my list for now. I'm guessing it will be enough and if I change my mind, I can add the 1977 one later.

Ed said...

Correction. According to Amazon Prime, Logan's Run 1977 is actually a television series with 14 episodes. Since there is only one season, I guess it probably bombed.

The Bug said...

I love meatloaf! Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and peas - comfort food for the Bug's soul :)

Boud said...

Jerome k Jerome is funny if you're familiar with britspeak so I expect you'll like it. It's very entitled affluent male stuff, but funny because he makes himself the target.

I think meatloaf, like popcorn, is something you need to grow up with in order to like. I know it's comfort food for a lot of people, and it was nice of Dave as the main cook, to make it for you.

ellen abbott said...

I do remember Logan's Run but not the ceremony so much. I never did get into public art, just seemed too competitive and requires a buttload of documenting if you get awarded a project. Meatloaf is a comfort food. When my grandson was coming for his summer visits he always wanted meatloaf. I don't think his parents ever made it.

Jim Davis said...

We love meatloaf, have a good recipe, and we have refined it. Plus, it makes great sandwiches with the leftovers. :)

Jeanie said...

Tell Dave I give him kudos. That's a very thoughtful gesture (and a tasty one, too -- especially in winter. It feels so wintery!) Glad work is calming down a bit and back into the routine.

Sharon said...

I remember Logan's Run very well and you are so right, that sculpture looks very much like that scene. That movie gave me nightmares after I saw it all those years ago.
Mmmm...meatloaf. I think I need to make some.

Sabine said...

There's a 1970s movie version of the Jerome K Jerome book, if I remember correctly, Michael Palin is in it. There's probably another movie, much older, around and maybe even a BBC series. Vague memories.

The Padre said...

Happy Friday The 13th Brother Man - Which Means Olga Girl Gets Two Just Because Treats Under Her Pink Blanket


Kelly said...

I liked the sculpture in a weird way until I watched that movie clip. Now it just seems sinister. I never saw that movie, but I seem to remember a TV show by the same name.

I make a good meatloaf and that was one of the last meals I had before becoming plant-based.

I have Three Men in a Boat in my TBR pile!

Janie Junebug said...

Of course, I'm the one who hates meatloaf! I used to get sent to bed for not eating it. Mother loved onions and added them in generous amounts to everything that could take onion, so her meatloaf had loads of onion. I have a sensitivity to onion. It makes me quite sick. Mother insisted it did not, so off to bed I went. Later we got a dog so I sneaked the meatloaf to him under the table.


Andrew said...

I remember the film title Logan's Run, but I must not have seen it.

I also have a memory of Three Men in a Boat but I would have to read it to remember if I read it.

I couldn't bear to read anything about Trump and his hench people.

John Going Gently said...

That building looks incredibly soviet

Margaret said...

I used to like meatloaf but now that I'm an infrequent meat eater, I don't know that I would. That artwork is impressive in a nightmarish way.

sparklingmerlot said...

A good meatloaf is comfort food at its most basic. Dave was very kind to think of your uncle.
I love three men in a boat although it's probably well over 50 years since I read it. I'll be interested in your opinion from an 'outsider's' perspective

Allison said...

I like meatloaf, it's low effort and feeds us for two days.

River said...

I vaguely remember Logan's Run, but not the ceremony. I'll have to get hold of it to watch again.
I know many people who don't like meatloaf, but I like it in winter, with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Debby said...

That Dave sounds like a keeper. I made a meatloaf that was billed as Mexican. Tell Dave if he sees something calling for cheddar cheese and salsa, find another recipe. I had no idea what to do with the left overs. I got the bright idea to make a pot of chili, which was a success.

Beth Reed said...

Hi Steve,

I am with The Bug! I totally love Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas along with a bit of corn. Heavy carbs and totally comfort food all the way. I also love to have a meatloaf sandwich.
There are so many recipes and I have tried most of them, but my favorite is with tomatoes. Especially the tomato topping. I am not the brown gravy type. I use my mother in law's tomato topping. Ketchup, a spoon of brown sugar, and a little mustard mixed well and top the meatloaf and put back into the oven for 10-15 minutes. It is one of my family's favorites.

I am so glad that I never watched that movie, but I am interested in the book. I will add it to my read list and see if I can find some time to sit down and read something fun.

trying to catch up on your blog so I will be back later.

Steve Reed said...

Mitchell: I doubt he meant it to mimic carousel. I hope not, anyway!

YP: It's surprising meatloaf isn't a thing here, actually. I guess England has pies, which is sort of the same idea -- using up scrap meat. (Historically.)

David: Good to know!

Bob: Ha! Even for those who don't know the movie it looks a little sinister.

Ms Moon: It was a sci-fi phenomenon in the mid-'70s.

Robin: That's why I felt the need to clarify in my earlier post about my uncle that I was talking about meatloaf, the food, and not Meatloaf, the singer!

Ellen D: I haven't seen it in many years but I remember it being pretty creepy.

Ed: Yes, there was a short-lived TV show inspired by the movie. The TV show starred Gregory Harrison whereas the movie starred Michael York. We used to watch it but it didn't last long.

Bug: Yes! That is the ideal comfort meal. :)

Boud: Nothing like those upper-crust British toffs laughing at themselves. :)

Ellen: Yes, I imagine working on a public art project would be quite demanding in terms of documentation.

Jim: It's great when you can adapt a recipe to make it your own!

Jeanie: Yes, meatloaf is good wintry comfort food. :)

Sharon: It was creepy! I never forgot that carousel scene.

Sabine: Interesting! I like Palin. I'll keep an eye out for it.

Padre: She had even MORE than two!

Kelly: I'm sure the sculptor didn't intend for that comparison to be made and would probably be annoyed with me.

Janie: Well, there's such a thing as too much onion, that's for sure -- but at least in a meatloaf it's cooked so it's not too sharp.

Andrew: Maybe you saw it but just don't remember it?

John: Doesn't it?! Ugly, ugly, ugly.

Margaret: At least there's other stuff in there with the meat and it's not just a big ol' slab of beef.

Caro: I will be sure to let everyone know what I think!

Allison: Yeah, as meals go, it doesn't require a whole lot of work. We ate ours for three days! (But that last night was a little skimpy.)

River: Just click the link to see the scene I'm talking about, but if you want the whole movie you'll have to look that up!

Debby: Hmmmm. Meatloaf with cheese in it. That sets off alarm bells!

Beth: Dave topped his with ketchup -- which I suspect my uncle would NOT have done, but never mind. It IS a good combination!