Tuesday, January 17, 2023

The Bouquet That Would Not Die

Just a picture of the kitchen windowsill -- I like the way those purple flowers and the orchid brighten things up. I've kept that bouquet going now for two weeks! I've had to cull some of the stems -- it originally included pink roses but they wilted after about a week -- and change the water several times, but it still looks pretty good. Chrysanthemums last forever.

According to my phone, it's 25º F (-3º C) outside right now. I haven't taken a look to see how frosty it is, but that's pretty darn cold.

Dave and I finished "The Bear" last night, a series I liked a lot. Dave, weirdly, didn't take to it as much as I did, despite the fact that it's about a chef trying to turn around his late brother's struggling restaurant. You'd think with Dave's professional cooking experience it would appeal to him, but I think he felt some of the kitchen scenes were overwrought. We're also watching "Abbott Elementary" and liking it.

Otherwise, blah. It's Tuesday.


Moving with Mitchell said...

I need flowers in the house or on the terrace. Lots of green, but no flowers right now. Haven't heard about The Russians or Mrs. Kravitz in recent days. Could it be they're behaving themselves?

Frances said...

The thermometer outside my bedroom window was reading about minus 6 half an hour ago ( 8am). My car is covered in a thick layer of ice!

Andrew said...

I am curious as to whether you think of temperature in C or F? What comes naturally to you? Actually, although English people are supposed to use C, I think F is still quite common.

Australia has gone backwards with the metric system but not with temperatures and I forget aside from freezing at 32 degrees and 100 too damn hot.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

This is one of your shortest ever blogposts. Did you get up late?

Ms. Moon said...

Glen and I can never find anything we both like to watch and it's so frustrating. Our tastes are so different. I think "Deadwood" was the last thing we watched that we truly both loved.

Bob said...

You do have the Green Thumb, even for cut flowers!

Boud said...

I agree about chrysanthemums' long lives. You can even end by floating the heads in a dish of water! My monthly cut flowers often include them, to get the most time from the bouquet.

In our entire lives together, Handsome Partner and I only agreed on Star Wars! Never found anything else to watch together outside of tennis and golf.

Ellen D. said...

I like your photo of your kitchen window sill. It is colorful and your collection is so interesting! I have to study each thing you have placed there!

Marcia LaRue said...

My little purple orchid is about to open it's buds any day now!
I watch Abbott Elementary and love it ... the Principal role is a bit much! 😆

Janie Junebug said...

I haven't watched The Bear yet, but I plan on giving it a try. I've only seen one episode of Abbott Elementary. It was cute. It's winning a lot of awards.


Ed said...

I usually avoid buying roses because they never last very long. I usually get a bouquet with lilies in it and lasts several weeks.

NewRobin13 said...

I don't know why it surprises me so much that it gets so cold in London, but it does. I always imagine it foggy and damp, but not cold.

ellen abbott said...

My daughter gave me a small bouquet for my birthday years back. It had small chrysanthemums in it. they dried nicely while everything else drooped and I still have them in a little (dry) vase on the shelf above my sink.

Sharon said...

I love the window scene. I had a bouquet over the holidays but it didn't last as long as yours.
I'd hate to have to walk to work in that cold. I'm sure my hands and feet would be numb by the time I got there.

Red said...

Interesting collection along with the bouquets.

Suzanne Connelly said...

I love Abbott Elementary and The Bear

Allison said...

Cool stuff on the kitchen ledge. When we downsized, every flower vase went out, based on my idea that I could buy more. I have not done that for some reason. So, no flowers here.

Margaret said...

Carnations last a long time too. Roses not so much! Abbott (sp?) Elementary sounds interesting; I'll have to see if I have any streaming service that carries it. Sigh. Expensive cable, Netflix and Prime and I still am left in the cold for many shows.

Catalyst said...

SWMBO has led me to Dead to Me and we're several episodes into it. It's curious.

The Padre said...

Hap Hap Happy Birthday To To To To Olga Girl - Happy Be Birthday Dear Olga Girl - Best Girl Ever

Treats A Glore

Kelly said...

Anything below freezing is COLD in my opinion! I take my morning walks regardless of the temp, but when it's that cold I have to cover my ears.

Jeanie said...

The flowers still look great! Yeah, it's blah here, too. Another gray day. They all seem to be. I know there's sun out there somewhere! Meanwhile,I read Alan Rickman's diaries and then look up movies and restaurants online. Just a day.

Peace Thyme said...

I would rather get a bouquet of wildflowers than roses! When we lived on the mountain, I once picked a spring bouquet from all over the mountain and kept most of it going for a month! No, really! Changed the water every day and cut some of the stems weekly.

sparklingmerlot said...

Living things obviously love you and your tender care.

Debby said...

Those flowers inside are a perfect counterbalance to the weather outside.

jenny_o said...

I love the whole of your windowsill display -- it is so interesting and cheerful :) Is that a staffie figurine? squee!! Belated Happy Birthday to Olga, btw

River said...

It's nice when flowers last longer than expected, the bouquet is very pretty.

Elizabeth said...

I love the photo with the bright flowers! I really liked The Bear, although I agree that it was sometimes so frenetic that it verged on obnoxious. As a former professional pastry chef, though, I can honestly say that the kitchen environment, at least in NYC, was almost exactly like that at times -- absolutely insane.

Steve Reed said...

Mitchell: I don't often buy a bouquet but I was feeling the urge! The Russians have been suspiciously quiet the last few evenings. Maybe they're out of town.

Frances: It's colder where you are! Not surprising, I guess.

Andrew: I still use Fahrenheit. That's what comes most naturally for me. I convert to Celsius for the benefit of global readers!

YP: I just didn't have much to say! It does occasionally happen, perhaps to your surprise.

Ms Moon: We still haven't watched that! Dave and I agree on most things but he's pickier than I am, so sometimes I have to finish certain series on my own.

Bob: Ha! I'm just cheap and want to squeeze every penny of value out of them.

Boud: Someone else mentioned drying chrysanthemums, which I haven't tried. My experience has been that the flower heads eventually fall apart.

Ellen D: The bottles are mostly things I've found walking the dog! There are several more that aren't in this pic.

Marcia: I LOVE the principal. I think she's my favorite character, though I like Barbara too.

Janie: Cute is a good word for it. Not particularly challenging but not every show needs to be, I suppose.

Ed: Yes, lilies do seem to last longer.

Robin: It surprises me every year, and I live here!

Ellen: I'm impressed that they dried, but maybe the small ones are more durable than the larger ones, which seem to fall apart.

Sharon: It's not too terrible if I keep my hands in my jacket pockets (which I usually do).

Red: Clutter! :)

Suzanne: "The Bear" is especially great, but I had to Google the ending to understand it! LOL

Allison: You can always put them in a drinking glass!

Margaret: Here it's on Disney+.

Catalyst: I don't know that one! I'll have to check it out.

Padre: She got treats galore -- as she does every day! LOL

Kelly: I agree. I'm still a Floridian at heart!

Jeanie: Alan Rickman's diaries sound interesting!

Peace Thyme: I always love a wildflower bouquet! I'm impressed you kept one going THAT long.

Caro: One of my Thanksgiving cacti is struggling, so my batting record isn't 100 percent!

Debby: It's this time of year when I really need some flowers around!

Jenny-O: They're staffy salt & pepper shakers that we bought at the Brussels train station years ago!

River: It's a nice surprise, considering others seem to die way too quickly.

Elizabeth: Dave definitely felt it pushed the boundaries of how hectic a kitchen could get -- probably in an effort to show how the restaurant was struggling. But I'm sure there's a lot of truth there!

37paddington said...

Loved The Bear, but I do understand Dave's take. The drama! How can one function amid so much drama! Love Abbott Elementary, too.