Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Mill Lane Bridge

When I was walking Olga a couple weeks ago, I discovered that the Mill Lane Bridge west of our flat has a new paint job!

I wrote about this bridge before, back in 2016. Its panels had been painted by schoolchildren sixteen years prior, and although the drawings were cute, they had all faded to a sort of olive-brown color. Many of them had flaked away and in the years since a lot of them were covered by graffiti.

Apparently someone decided it needed to be revitalized, because according to the panel above, the bridge was repainted this past June by kids from three area schools. (Olga and I don't get over that way too often, so I didn't see it until December.)

It's definitely much more colorful than it used to be!

Looks like the theme was trees, or maybe ecology in general.

Anyway, it's a bright spot on the landscape, especially at this gray time of year.

I was slammed yesterday at work, my first day back from break, with kids checking out new books and returning old ones. I re-shelved two cartloads of books and another is waiting for me this morning. I also put away our Christmas stuff and took down our displays, and processed three weeks' worth of magazines (which involves logging that they've arrived, putting the newest ones in binders on our magazine rack, and circulating the older ones to members of staff). I may be a bit scarce in blogland until I get caught up! But it feels great to be busy again.


River said...

The bridge is beautiful! I love it. It's good to be busy at work, the time seems to go faster.

Moving with Mitchell said...

The bridge art makes me smile. Thanks for the link to the old post. Where was I in summer 2000? Renovating a B&B hotel in Palm Springs to open in early 2021 as the first hotel in the country for gays & lesbians, their children, family and friends. It got off to a great start and then came 9/11 when the world changed.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

How annoying to have so much work to do at work! It must have severely reduced your private reading time and we all know that to function effectively librarians need plenty of reading time to enrich their knowledge of books.

Boud said...

That's a great art project. Seems like the theme is green. I like the ode to trees.
And you must like your job, rejoicing over a busy day. Good for you.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh, I do like those trees as seen by children. The palm tree on the tiny isle is terrific. So is the one by Sophie, age 6.
Glad they got that project approved and done.
I bet you are glad to be back at work, creating order in the chaos of life.

Bob said...

A few reasons I love this: it brightens up the walk, kids will love seeing their art on display, and it helps kids find and nurture their creative side.
Oh, and it's pretty and smart and funny.

Pixie said...

I love these paintings on the bridge. They're so colourful and hopeful. "We Need Trees", reminds me of myself when I was a kid.

Sharon said...

I love the colorful murals and the message about trees. What a great project for the kids.
Enjoy your busy days!

The Bug said...

What fun paintings! I love how bright they are - especially as I look at them from 30 degree NC.

I prefer being busy at work, except I will complain about it too. I can't be satisfied. Ha!

NewRobin13 said...

That is such a great art project and theme for the kids. I love what they painted.
Hope things calm down at work for you today.

Ellen D. said...

Oh, I bet those kids and their families are so proud of their work on that bridge. I am sure they bring their friends and family to see their drawings.
It is great to be busy and productive at work - your day flies by!

Red said...

That would be a great project for kids but they do have to be kept up or redone.

ellen abbott said...

I love the bridge paintings but more I love that they had children paint them!

I agree, always good to be busy. But then I don't sit well for long, get antsy, have to get up and do something.

Allison said...

It surprises me, in a good way, that the taggers don't go out and deface the kids' art immediately.

Janie Junebug said...

The children and their parents are no doubt proud of the paintings. You'll be caught up at work soon, I'm sure.


Kelly said...

What bright, cheerful artwork! Even though my younger daughter can read during her downtime at work, she'd much rather be busy. Time passes more quickly that way. ;) I hope your day was productive.

Andrew said...

Art is art, whether by skilled artists or schoolchildren. I can see thought has really gone into artwork.

Don't forget to take time for yourself when you are so busy.

Catalyst said...

Busy is good.

Margaret said...

I've always liked being busy rather than bored. There needs to be a balance though! Having a sense of accomplishment is such a positive. I love the colorful bridge paintings! They are so cheerful and meaningful.

Debby said...

The middle school right around the corner from us painted the underside of the bridge blue and put their handprints on it. It was such a cheerful thing. It lasted two weeks before it was grafiti'ed over by vandals. I marvel at the simple respect of enjoying children's art and leaving it be.

Steve Reed said...

River: Yes! The day goes so much faster when there's a lot to do.

Mitchell: Now, I have to clarify this. I'm sure there were gay hotels before 2001. I remember seeing ads for gay guesthouses like Island House in Key West way back in the '80s, and I know there was a big gay hotel in St. Petersburg when I lived in Florida in the late '90s. Is the distinction that yours was for kids and families too?

YP: That is absolutely true!

Boud: I do like my job, most of the time. It has its irritations, but I guess every job does!

Ms Moon: I do love that palm tree, and I like the cherry blossoms with the bicycle. I think that's quite an advanced artistic vision for a kid that age!

Bob: It's definitely nice to have so much color on display. And yes, it's a great boost for the kids.

Pixie: I hope these kids put their pro-tree sentiments into action when they're adults!

Sharon: It IS a great project for the kids!

Bug: I guess that's natural. I do the same thing. :)

Robin: It is calming down a bit every day. The first day or two back from vacation are always a little insane.

Ellen D: I hope so! I wish I could have photographed every panel, but surely they have their own pictures. :)

Red: I'm surprised how long they last, though. The last batch stuck around for 20 years or so!

Ellen: I'm not good at sitting still either. I need to be active.

Allison: They don't do it immediately, but it starts to happen over time. Particularly as the paintings get more aged and weathered.

Janie: Hopefully!

Kelly: At least for me, I can make the argument that reading is part of the job. :)

Andrew: I would love to know how they planned their paintings. They clearly put some thought into them before they went up on the bridge.

Catalyst: It is indeed!

Margaret: I love the fact that they used such bright, vivid colors.

Debby: Well THAT's annoying. I think people do try to leave this art alone for a period of time, but eventually it will be tagged. It's inevitable.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Steve, in answer to your question. Yes, we were the first to open a hotel specifically for gay and lesbian families with kids. We had playhouses, toys, games. Two moms. Two dads. Family. Friends. Safe and welcoming.

Jeanie said...

Loving that bridge -- super bright and happy. And I love especially that the kids did this!