Thursday, February 22, 2024

Old Spice (Literally)

I was re-shelving books in the library yesterday when I came across this little plastic tiger. How it got there, I have no idea. It's not even in the tiger section! But I left it on the shelf in case its owner comes back for it.

And with that, let's have a miscellaneous picture post!

This is actually my brother's photo, which he sent me in an e-mail titled, "Done!" He'd used the last of one of our mother's jars of petrified spices -- in this case, some rosemary that originally cost 49 cents. How old could that possibly be? I'm guessing 1960s. Mom was famous within our family for her antiquated spices. She would be amused that my brother kept them, but I'm sure for him it's a way of connecting with her and with our past.

I asked him if it tasted like anything. "No flavor at all," he replied.

I found this on the street while walking to work. I think it was once a birdhouse. Oh well.

Dave and I came across this sculpture in West Hollywood -- possibly the creepiest dog sculpture ever. It's called "Doggie Dog (Homage to Giacometti)" by Tsipi Mani. Giacometti would have nightmares!

We passed this gay clothing/fetishwear store in downtown L.A. I took a picture through the window, and Dave said, "You can go in, you know." But actually it was closed, and I don't really see myself in a puppy mask, leather harness or glittery caftan. (They would all look fabulous on anyone as buff as those mannequins, though!)

Found this sticker Tuesday on my walk back to the hospital. I have no particular attachment to cash and am not at all concerned if it goes away entirely -- especially coins. A lot of businesses stopped taking cash during the pandemic, and remain card-only. But some people hate the idea of doing everything with credit or debit cards, because they believe their buying habits are more easily tracked that way. I'm sure that's true, if anyone cared, but I can't believe that any governmental or banking authority is concerned about where I buy my coffees.

Now, prepare for a photo of canned dog food, because it's a little gross...

The only reason I took this (and you can see Olga is impatiently waiting) is because I've never seen an ENTIRE PEA POD fall out of a chunk of canned dog food before. We know the brand we give Olga contains some vegetables, but this was pretty funny. She scarfed it down without hesitation.

And finally, as long as we're on a dog theme, here's a photo from the window of a bookstore in West Hampstead. I love this little hand-painted sign welcoming furry companions! I've never taken Olga in there for some reading material, but now maybe I will.


gz said...

An interesting assortment!
We had a corgi when I was a teenager..she would move the heavy wooden sliding door to the larder..and take carrots...until we added grated carrot to her canned dog food..she had a lovely condition to her coat!

Ed said...

Before we get away from using cash, I would love to stop the use of checks. Nothing aggravates me more than getting behind someone who is paying for something with a check and only starts writing it after receiving the total.

I think the argument of not being able to trace cash is moot in this world full of security cameras above every cash register.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I recommend "It's A Dog's Life" By G.Shepherd and "Sniffing Lampposts for Beginners" by Jack Russell. As for the tiger, with your enormous general knowledge you must remember that Hull City are also known as The Tigers! Let him continue to guard your stolen library book shelf!

Tasker Dunham said...

I want to see a picture of the tiger section now.
Reminds me of a chap at the first place I worked, who said that he used to go to work on his bicycle and leave it in the filing room. "Under B" someone else quipped.

Moving with Mitchell said...

I love that your brother is using your mother’s long-dead and without-taste spices. My mother’s were all from the ’60s and we simply through them out. Then again, we would have had to have paid to ship them to Spain.

Margo said...

Having witnessed the Canadian Governments freezing of the truckers bank accounts [and also the accounts of people trying to help them] when they had the audacity to disagree with their Covid stance, I strongly oppose the fazing out of cash. I do feel that there is place for cash and card though.I have also had the joy of doing a massive shop, only to find the system down when about to pay. Cash is King I say ;-]

Andrew said...

Oh, do I detect a Trumpian type person commenting on your blog?
Cash? What is the point of it aside from tax avoidance.
Olga's food looks delicious, not.

Mary said...

Love the dog sign. My favorite welcome dog sign was in a small store in Oban, Scotland where the sign on the door said, "Dear Dogs, your owners are welcome as long as they behave properly." :)

The Bug said...

That dog sculpture IS a nightmare. Yikes! I love Olga's laser focus on her food (which at first I thought was some kind of spice cake - ha!).

Ms. Moon said...

Jessie is growing sugar snap peas in her garden and her dog Sophie loves them so much that she is eating most of them.
Who knew dogs loved peas?
I'm sorry but spices that old are naught but gray-green dust. I can understand though, you and your brother wanting to carry on your mother's traditions.
I have a friend who is quite into fetish-y things. Oh, we humans do have our kinks, don't we? Well, some of us do, I guess. It's seems rather healthy that there are entire retail stores whose purpose is to cater to the people who enjoy a walk on the wilder sides.

Ellen D. said...

I was surprised to find out that the book in the first photo (A century of panic and pleasure) is a book about Candy!? I would never have guessed that.

Boud said...

I think antique spices don't really work! But I can see the link to your mom.
I'm disappointed that we won't see you modeling a glittery caftan. Oh well.
All my dogs have loved veggies, to the point of stealing them off the growing plant. Some berries, too.

Jennifer said...

Those spices were nothing but dust! How funny that your mother kept them so long. Did your brother save the bottles? Those are vintage and it would be fun to wash them out and reuse them. Or at least, I think it would be fun.

Olga's getting her veggie servings in!

Sharon said...

This is a fun assortment of photos. I love the dog welcome sign but not so much the sculpture. The spice story was funny. About 10 years ago, I had a big spice clear out when I noticed that some of the spices I had purchased while working in St. Louis around 1994. I think I might be due for another clear out. I'm pretty sure there are some in the back of my cabinet that have been there a very long time. 49 cents, those were the days!

Kelly said...

What a great collection of photos! I enjoyed all of them - even the creepy dog sculpture! I like to use cash, but I'm also fine with all the other ways to pay. I just do whatever's easiest at the time of purchase. That's funny about the spices. I'd have been worried about finding bugs in them, but I guess after all that time even the bugs would be dead!

John Going Gently said...

I rather like the sculpture but wouldn’t have it at home

Linda Sue said...

Looks like the bird that lived in that house might have had a run in with police...
The coins and bill thing is something i have trouble with- I left so many coins in the flat when I left, Spider is probably a rich man now. I do love coins - the bills not so much, plastic see through money. I do miss not being able to use coins on transportation when the conductor would go down the isle and collect, with his dandy little coin dispenser around his waist. That was charming- there is nothing tangibly charming about a credit card- so impersonal !

I would have tried to purchase one of those store model men! And are those lace see- through shorts???

Margaret said...

LA and West Hollywood do have some interesting shops. I went in a couple of them just for fun. That looks like very healthy dog food. My cat is jealous; she only gets the dry stuff.

Allison said...

I am cashless. Actually, I never buy anything, Jim does it. So I no longer have to carry a purse unless I'm going to be required to show id. Cash is interesting, many women on twitter are adamant that one should always have cash in case you have to make a run for it - from the spouse. How is Dave today? Our docs always tell us that day 3 is the worst after a procedure, they told me why and I promptly forgot what they said.

Catalyst said...

Caption for your third photo? "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"

Debby said...

Quite a collection of pictures this time!

I just used a large box of black pepper that was expired 17 years ago. Little did I know that my outdated spices are a running joke with my kids too. My take? No one died, did they?

Steve Reed said...

GZ: How funny, that she wanted carrots so much she'd take them! One of my friends' dogs loved carrots. Olga has never been a huge carrot lover, but she likes peeled apple slices (without seeds).

Ed: I have not written a check in years, and I haven't seen one being written. I thought they were already pretty much dead!

YP: So this is a Hull City fan, you're thinking?!

Tasker: Ha! We really DO have several books on tigers. But we have more on lions!

Mitchell: Yeah, I'm not sure I'd pay to ship them! I thought she threw them all out when she moved from our family home but then I was amused to find them in her condo.

Margo: Well, to be fair, those truckers weren't just disagreeing. They were causing a major disturbance! I don't know about their banking, but even if a person prefers cash, they're likely to have a bank account. Keeping it in the mattress isn't very safe!

Andrew: Yeah, I know some workers prefer to be paid in cash for just that reason -- easy to keep it off the books.

Mary: Ha! I love that!

Bug: Olga is always laser-focused on food! How did you get spice cake from that picture?! LOL

Ms Moon: Oh, I love a good fetish store, just for entertainment's sake! It takes all kinds to make a world.

Ellen D: I wondered if anyone would bother to figure that out! Yes, it's about the history of candy.

Boud: I have never heard of dogs stealing vegetables off a plant until writing this post! I don't think my brother really expected those spices to taste like anything.

Jennifer: I told him he should save it! Hopefully he will!

Sharon: Spices from 1994 are practically brand new compared to some of my mom's!

Kelly: Ha! You know it's bad when even the bugs die! LOL

John: It was intriguing, especially with that dramatic lighting. But overall it was creepy, I thought.

Linda Sue: I don't think they're lace, but they are rather sheer! I do remember those conductors with the coin dispensers at their waists. Nowadays fares are so high that you'd almost have to pay with bills.

Margaret: We used to give Olga canned food only now and then, as a treat. But now she gets a can every night!

Allison: Well, that's an interesting point. I suppose in some cases it might be good to have a stash of emergency funds! But even then you'd need access to more money eventually. Dave is doing OK so far. Thank goodness for painkillers!

Catalyst: Or ONTO it, more like.

Debby: Exactly! They may not be the most flavorful after so many years, but they're not toxic, either!

Jeanie said...

I always enjoy your collections of miscellaneous photos. The spice photo cracks me up -- that's something I'd do, just for the connection. And I love the dog sign. Ever since I got a cash back credit card, I use it more -- and I don't know if that's a good thing or not. It does make shopping easier and I'm not sure that's a good thing either!

Ed said...

Perhaps there is hope elsewhere. Checks are certainly not dead here in rural America.

ellen abbott said...

a lot of places here in Wharton are dog friendly. and a peapod was not what I thought when I saw the picture of the dog food.

Jim Davis said...

Late to the party but what a great selection of photos this time, loved the fetish store, it truly does take all kinds. How is Dave doing, better I hope.