Friday, February 23, 2024


Yesterday's weather was dismal and dreary. Fortunately I was indoors most of the time, until after work, when I had a couple of hours to kill before our school's annual staff, faculty and parent Quiz Night. I walked over to a nearby pub, The New Inn, which I'd been to and photographed several times before. I thought I might have a pint and read while I waited until quizzing began at 7 p.m. But the not-so-New Inn was closed -- I think permanently. (Apparently it's for sale.)

So I walked back to school and sat in the closed library, reading, until the appointed hour. The library is actually a great place to be when no one else is around. So quiet!

You may remember (but probably not) that our team won last year's Quiz Night. Well, this year we did not fare as well. We had fewer people, for one thing, and we came in fourth place (out of about ten teams, I'd say). One of our star quizzers was unable to attend, although I recruited a co-worker who proved to be a worthy competitor.

I knew a couple of things no one else did -- I identified a picture of Montreal's Stade Olympique (because I'd been there!) and I identified Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings. I knew The Killers sang "Human," which is about as recent as my pop music knowledge gets. But I could not identify pictures of a certain Indian cricketer (whose name I couldn't tell you even now) or the prime minister of Australia. And rap music? Forget it.

Oh well. We all have our shortcomings. It was a fun evening, and that's what matters.

Dave, meanwhile, stayed home and was quite happy to order take-away (from McDonald's, which I refuse to eat) and watch YouTube and TikTok videos. Poor Olga doesn't understand why she can't lie on his lap like she usually does!


Andrew said...

The irony of the library being quiet after hours is not lost.
Sachin Tendulkar? He is the only Indian cricketer I can remember. He was quite nice looking back in 1990.
I suppose our PM Albo (Anthony Albanese) is not well known on the world stage.
Ah, that kind of hernia.

Yael said...

There really is something magical about a closed library when only you are there.And the tiger, is he still there?

gz said...

So many pubs are closing, still..socialising has changed drastically and accelerated what was happening anyway.
And the tiger still there?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Your disdain for wrap music is strange as wrap music provides a great background sound when wrapping Christmas gifts or wrapping a parcel for the children's party game - pass the parcel. I bet the Indian cricketer was Sachin Tendulkar.

Jeanie said...

I think I would have been a bad member of your quiz team with those questions! Pity about the New Inn -- it looked like a nice spot. Sorry about the loss but it still sounds like a fun night -- and some real progress with the book (which sounds great, by the way -- meant to mention that in the last post comment.)

Moving with Mitchell said...

Poor Olga. After my hernia surgery, Dudo only wanted to be on my lap. It was a constant battle. Hope Dave’s doing well and Olga is satisfied curling up next to home. I would have failed miserably (a ZERIO) at that quiz!


Dave's cozy night in with take-away and YouTube and TikTok videos sounds like a relaxing way to unwind, although Olga may have been a bit puzzled by the change in routine! Ultimately, what matters most is that you had fun and spent quality time together.

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Ed said...

Although I like to think of myself as an asset for any quiz team, I would have been an absolute failure for your team as I don't know the answer for any of those questions posed.

The Bug said...

Back in the day I was pretty good at trivia, but not so much anymore. Glad you had a good time!

Boud said...

I'd be a hopeless team member. I'd have got the Barber but blanked on everything else. One of my friends used to be so good at trivia, that when there were family games, there would be an entire team against him, solo, team David, and he'd still win!

Ms. Moon said...

I feel so sorry for every trivia player in the world who has never been to at least one of Hank's trivia nights.
I was in the library two days ago here, our little satellite library on the side of town nearest to where we live, and when I walked in and took a deep breath, I thought of how a place where books live has the best smell in the world. Or one of the best, at least.
How's Dave doing? Is he a good patient or a fussy one? Pain does not always bring out the best in any of us.

Ellen D. said...

You don't have to always win as long as you are having fun and doing your best! That's what I've always told my kids, Steve. :)
I didn't recognize that song by The Killers so I had to spend a bit of time on YouTube listening to their other hits that I know "Mr. Brightside" ( did we end up like this - it was only a kiss...)
and "Somebody told me".
Hope Dave's recovery is going smoothly and quickly!

Red said...

I like quizzes but there's nothing like that here.

ellen abbott said...

back when we were younger we'd go over to my sister's and her husband's house and they had the Trivia game. After Marc and beat them soundly three times in a row they refused to play it with us.

Sharon said...

Goodness, I wonder what happened to that pub. It looks well maintained. The quiz night sounds like fun but I wouldn't have know any of those things you knew the answer to. So, I would have been of no help unless they threw in a few oldies for the oldies.

Margaret said...

I don't do McDonalds either although a few decades ago I used to occasionally buy their breakfast sandwich. Barber's Adagio brings me to tears every time I listen to it. I think 4th place is excellent!

Susan said...

It sounds like your quiz team scored in the middle of the pack. Not a bad score. Poor Olga misses her routine. How long will Olga have to wait before she gets to sit with Dave again? My dog likes to sit with me on the couch. After dinner, he goes to the couch and wants a couch cuddle. Burgers at the Golden Arches are not on my radar.

Kelly said...

I would not have done well with the questions you shared. I guess we all have a niche we can fill, though.

I'm laughing at the image of Dave, the chef, ordering in McDonalds. I'm glad to hear he's not a food snob! (are you? 😉)

Susan Kane said...

I would have said my knowledge was solid in most things, but this?? Cruel. McD meets ones needs. we had 3 kids and they loved McD when it was cheap in the 80s and 90s.

Steve Reed said...

Andrew: No, it wasn't Tendulkar. That's who we guessed and we were wrong. I didn't even know the name of the Australian PM, which is kind of embarrassing.

Yael: So far, yes!

GZ: I think the pandemic may have done in this particular pub. It's a shame.

YP: I guess I just don't have much wrapping to do. No, it wasn't Tendulkar. He was our guess!

Jeanie: I LOVED that book. It was fascinating!

Mitchell: But you probably would have answered other questions correctly -- maybe ones that we missed! That's the beauty of the quiz team.

Melody: Poor Olga doesn't understand any change in her routine.

Ed: But there are other questions you would have known, no doubt.

Bug: I used to love "Trivial Pursuit," though I haven't played it in years!

Boud: Wow! That's pretty impressive. Did he ever try out for "Jeopardy"?

Ms Moon: I would love to go to one of Hank's games at some point! How fun would that be?!

Ellen D: They have been quite popular as a band. I came to "Human" after it was a hit and I haven't heard those others you mentioned. Must listen!

Red: I think you can do them online, if you're really motivated!

Ellen: Well, THAT's no fun! They just have to get better!

Sharon: It's in kind of a strange area -- a residential district near Regents Park. Not a lot of commercial traffic. I think it struggled and then the pandemic killed it.

Margaret: McDonalds used to be MUCH better than it is now. When they used to grill burgers in-house they were pretty tasty. Now everything is pre-cooked and microwaved in the store, as I understand it.

Susan: I'm not sure! Dave has to be off work for about two weeks, but whether the dog will be able to lie on his lap at the end of that time is an open question.

Kelly: I guess I am a BIT of a food snob, though I'm happy to go to Chipotle or, in a pinch, Subway. The thing is, I used to work at McDonald's as a teenager and I remember what it used to be like. The food isn't the same now. It has noticeably deteriorated in quality.

Susan K: Yeah, I think for kids and families, McDonald's has always been great (especially back then).

Catalyst said...

Oooh, I guess Dave is a bit tender in the "lap" area. Jersey Mike's makes the best subs around here and I'd gladly go to McDonald's. After all, Mrs. Kroc did leave a ton of money to NPR.