Monday, June 17, 2024

Do Not Demolish

I had an abdominal ultrasound at the local hospital yesterday. This was a rather bewildering experience, because I went in not knowing for certain who ordered this test or why. I just got a letter in the mail saying it had been scheduled and I was to appear. So I did.

Turns out the gastroenterologists ordered it, though why they wanted it after I'd had a CT scan and an endoscopy I'm not sure. I've already been discharged from their care. I thought it was to take a look at my bumpy spleen, but as it turns out the ultrasound technician couldn't even see my hemangioma (or whatever it is) so if that was the reason it was all for naught.

But the good news is, I'm STILL not dying. At least not any more than usual.

On my walk to the hospital I found this garden wall (top) with a giant gap, a temporary fence and an admonishment NOT to tear it down. I'm not sure what the story is here, but I noticed that some of that Covid poetry is still attached to the fence. Remember, during our first lockdown, when someone posted 40 days of poems on a boarded-up restaurant around the corner from our flat? Well, this seems like the same poet, and given how weathered the poems are I wonder if they come from that same period.

Back at home, I showered off the ultrasound gel and sat out in the garden, reading. The Russians eventually got out some power tools and did whatever they do upstairs, and the neighbors had a lawn service come with blowers and mowers, so the garden was not peaceful. C'est la vie.

I made a fantastic salad out of all the vegetal odds and ends in our refrigerator, and then Dave and I took Olga to the cemetery.

She seemed very happy for the outing, especially with both of us along. She chased her ball and rolled in the long grass. (Dave is wearing my Iceland jacket. Iceland is a frozen-food grocery store here, and I found that perfectly good jacket in a skip many years ago!)

Afterwards we stopped off at Sweet Corner, that new cafe near Fortune Green, where we got a coffee and pastries while Olga lolled on the warm pavement. Dog heaven! We'd never been to Sweet Corner before and it was nice to try it out. I'll probably stop in with Olga from time to time. (The waitress told us dogs are allowed even inside!)

The bathroom had these amazing marble (I think?) walls, gray-blue with vivid white streaks and patches. Being in there was like floating in the middle of the sky.

So far the enormity of summer break hasn't hit me yet because a weekend is just a weekend. But today it's Monday and I DON'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK!


Margaret said...

Those marble walls are gorgeous. It will be SO nice not to be at work after the weekend. I'm very used to that now. :)

Boud said...

I'm glad the latest test didn't show anything to be concerned about.
Such a peaceful suburban garden.. I expect the cemetery was quieter.

gz said...

Tests done ok, that's good.
Neighbourly noises...hearing life going on.
A walk together with a happy dog, can't fault that! And Sweet Corner sounds ..sweet.

Yael said...

I always like to hear about dog friendly cafes even though I don't have a dog anymore and there are no cafes near here either.

Moving with Mitchell said...

That marble wall IS stunning and unusual. I like the idea of painting “Don’t demolish” on all walls that need to be saved. That would be a charming look for a neighborhood.

I like the jacket (we’ve got an Iceland here, too). Of course you pulled it out of a tip. And you seemed like such a nice boy!

Andrew said...

I've seen some business owners ask people with dogs to leave yet others seem to 'not see' a dog inside their business. My youngest brother tests the boundaries often with his dog, sometime successfully, sometimes for a short time before security arrives.

Andrew said...

It is quite interesting, as many believe there are health department or local council regulations, but I've never seen any pointed out.

Andrew said...

Oh yes, and a usual language confusion. What bathroom? Where? You had some work done on your....Ah, that bathroom.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

That Iceland jacket is so cool! Cool? Well it would be coming from fact more than cool - freezing!

Bob said...

Looks like Olga has found herself a new coffee spot, too!

roentare said...

If spleen is over 5 times enlarged, it will need to be removed. Hemangioma is benight unless it got thrombosed or infected.

ellen abbott said...

nice marble but a bit bold for walls. I was in the habit of taking my little dog into the post office with me and for years no one said a thing until one day a woman behind the counter told me dogs weren't allowed unless it was a service dog.

Ellen D. said...

Glad all of your tests showed you are not dying, Steve. What a relief! Now get back to enjoying your summer!

Sharon said...

That marble wall is amazing. I thought it was a painting until I read your description. What dramatic patterns.

Red said...

You don't have to go to work and you don't have any nasty slimy medical tests.

Marcia LaRue said...

Looking forward to the crazy, hazy days of summer! Enjoy them all!
92°F here today! I stay in and out of the heat!

Kelly said...

I'm glad this was a nice, positive post. I misread your first sentence and thought you had an "abominable" ultrasound!

Linda Sue said...

LOVE the loo walls! you nailed it- floating in sky!
You sure know how to dress your man, so fine!
And entertain your daughter in the dead person camp. Looks like a lovely day.
I see that Rajani has surfaced again.

Susan said...

The marble is beautiful. I do love natural stone. Your walk with Olga and Dave followed by coffee at a new shop sounds very enjoyable. The red jacket was a good find and Dave wears it well.

Steve Reed said...

Margaret: Aren't they amazing?

Boud: Actually, there were quite a few dog-walkers in the cemetery, so it was pretty busy too!

GZ: I don't mind life, but I do mind all the machinery. Especially blowers, which are so unnecessary.

Yael: I'm so glad to know I can pop in there with Olga even when I'm by myself.

Mitchell: Ha! I put on a good act!

Andrew: I don't know what the rules here say, but cafes and pubs do seem to have the discretion to allow dogs. I was talking about the cafe bathroom, not our home bathroom. :)

YP: Actually, ironically, it's quite thin and not very warm.

Bob: She certainly seemed at home there!

Roentare: Oh, no, it's not that big! In fact I don't even think it's enlarged. This is just a small hemangioma, about the size of a pea, I think.

Ellen: The Post Office should be happy you're even GOING to the Post Office! They need all the business they can get these days.

Ellen D: Ha! Yes, a relief indeed.

Sharon: It's really beautiful marble. It's on the floor too!

Red: Yes, that's all in the past, at least for the time being!

Marcia: Wow! We are 20 degrees cooler than that.

Kelly: Ha! I wasn't exactly thrilled about it but I wouldn't describe it as abominable. :)

Linda Sue: I have deleted her. :)

Susan: I thought it was a good find, too! It makes a good outer layer on a mildly cool day but as I told YP above, it's really not very warm so in colder weather it's inadequate.

River said...

I'm not a fan of marble, I prefer granite. I'm glad you found a new "sweet" spot for coffees. Your last sentence is the best.

Jeanie said...

I'm glad you're still not dying! The walk and pastries sound good and Olga seems so happy!

Ms. Moon said...

WHAT?! You should absolutely know exactly why your got that scan or get any medical procedure or test. This is not right and it only gives you more to worry about. I wonder if it was a mistake to send the order to you.
Please keep us posted.
That marble is like the whole world.