Saturday, March 2, 2013

The People in My Neighborhood

More random photos from Portobello Road, taken during a quick outing on Thursday to buy light bulbs. (It's great to have a hobby you can practice anywhere, at any time!)

I try to be discreet when I walk along, looking for interesting people.

But sometimes they see me, and I'm not sure they're happy about it.

This guy was taking a break from making smoothies to spend time with a good book. Can't say that I blame him.

This woman's pants were what first caught my eye, but then I was handed a photo-op within a photo-op!


Ms. Moon said...

It would seem to me that where you live is such a fascinating place. There is always change and there is always life moving, moving, moving.
I love it.

ellen abbott said...

I love your street shots of all the little stores with their wares on the street and the people. Wonderful shots of the people.

e said...

I see another book in the offing...Lovely shots. How is Olga today?

Linda Sue said...

Loving your world!! It is difficult to be invisible with a camera but I think you do a fantastic job ! You must have a cloaking device. Love the copper pots and fresh fruit and guy reading- with that funny little bike in front, photo is complete.

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE these -- I just so love your "eye."

Peter Bryenton said...

Recursive photo-in-photo moment :-)

Lynne said...

The one of the elderly woman looks like she saw you taking the photo and wasn't happy about it! :) She looks just like the woman who played the old woman in Titanic. Maybe you scooped her!

Nancy said...

Grandma in the raspberry beret is gonna get you!

Steve Reed said...

Ms Moon: Well, like anywhere, some days are better than others. Sometimes I walk down the street and I don't see a darn thing.

Ellen: Thanks! I love all those little objects and details, too.

E: Olga is fine, though she's annoyed me this morning, as I will write about momentarily.

Linda Sue: It's amazing how people have a sense they're being watched. I can be standing across the street keeping an eye on someone, waiting for just the right photo opportunity, and inevitably they will turn and look at me!

Elizabeth: Thanks!

Peter: Exactly!

Lynne: I think that Titanic actress is dead now, so I don't think it's her. :)

Nancy: It sounds terrible, but I always figure old women are safe photographic subjects, because I can certainly run faster. :)

Helene Titsch said...

That is one interesting neighborhood...full of photo ops! Very cool!