Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I saw a terrific film last night called "Freeheld," about a dying lesbian police detective's fight to leave her pension to her partner. The movie was screened as a benefit for the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, and it was incredibly moving and sad. No wonder it won an Oscar this year. I was so glad to have an opportunity to see it, and to see filmmaker Cynthia Wade speak afterwards. Rent it if you can.

Ann and Greg went back home yesterday, and my cat is at ease once again because the house is hers. I'm happy to get back to my routines, though I had a great time with my visitors -- and Ann & Greg left me a beautiful bouquet of irises, which was a nice surprise when I got home late last night.

On the way home, I was sitting on the subway train fretting about how I haven't had any time to myself for the last week or two. And then I had to laugh, because of course time on the subway IS time to myself! It's so easy to overlook what you have, you know?

(Photo: East Village, May 2008)


  1. Public transportation is a very difficult place to access personal time, because of all those other energy fields intermingling all around. Walking around, even near other people, feels more personal to me.

    No matter how much we love our friends and family, you and I need our space. You're so generous to share your space with visitors. And now how nice to have your house back to yourself!


  2. your cat is very kind to share her space with your friends. as are you.

    thanks for the head's up about the movie, off to find a copy!

    lovely gift. did you know that irises mean:
    Faith, Wisdom, Valor, Your Friendship means so much to me

    how fitting!

  3. Time alone...why the good Lord invented bathrooms and magazines!

  4. i spent 2 hours on buses today - one hour there, one back - and that was good time to myself.

  5. Somehow time on public transportation seems inferior to time alone in your very own space. Routines are good.

  6. so true stevo
    and then of course there is sleep

  7. just watched the trailer. Sometimes even the words "gay and lesbian activists" make me angry. I mean, the fact that there has to BE gay and lesbian activists makes me angry. That idiot guy in the trailer, sitting there deciding which people get to pass on their pension benefits to their survivors and which don't? ....argggggggh.

    I'm going home now, I'll do the rest of my ranting in private :-)

  8. Steve, have my cousins Orville and his wife Jubilee arrived yet? I told them to try and look you up.