Thursday, June 5, 2008


I’ve been having an interesting medical adventure the past several days. I’ve come down with what my doctor thinks is gastritis, where the acid of the stomach attacks the stomach walls. I’ve been having a lot of gastric discomfort, along with a loss of appetite and generally ill feeling. (Too many gay weddings and champagne celebrations at Long Island mansions, I suppose.) Anyway, she put me on Nexium, which inhibits stomach acid. We’ll see how that goes.

(I’m still having my coffee this morning. They’ll have to pry my mug from my cold, dead hands, to paraphrase Charlton Heston.)

I saw “Sex and the City” last night. I don’t want to take it too seriously, but it sure seems to set back the women’s movement a couple of decades! On the other hand it was fun, while also totally unrealistic. I walk around New York every day and I never see people dressed like that.

The crowd dynamic was actually more fun than the movie. In one scene, Carrie opens the doors of a huge closet built for her by Big -- and the audience GASPED with the collective shock of a bunch of New Yorkers who have no place to store anything of their own. It was funny.

(Photo: E. 29th Street, May 2008)


  1. sorry to hear about the gastritis... try some comforting chamomile tea hot or iced form.

    sending healing thoughts your way.

    funny story about the closet scene

  2. your parentheticals cracked me up today. if you want to see more space gasping, watch 27 Dresses with a couple of local friends. I saw it with a friend who isn't even FROM new york (just a temporary transplant) and she was yelling at the tv because Katherine Heigl's character was squandering a huge closet for all of her bridesmaid dresses.

  3. Sorry about your stomach. Mrs. Sneed wants to see Sex in the City, so I suspect we will go. I really liked the series.

  4. Sorry about your stomach

    merle sneed-sex in the city.
    I found the series unwatchable, but I guess the ladies were pretty. I like high heels, I just don't want to pay a ridiculous sum of money for a pair.

  5. Sex in the City RULES - loved the TV show and the movie - what fun! Hope you get to feeling better - and I DO understand the need for coffee!

  6. Hope your stomach gets back in good shape soon- I see all the little girls lining up to see that movie, all dressed up like big girls, and if it makes them happy, God Bless them and their parents for shelling out the funds for designer duds. I doubt it will have any lasting ill effects (like you must have accessories like $3,000 handbag a "pet" man to hang out with, and the damn shoes. zzzzzzzzzzz )

  7. Dennis thanks you for the graffiti which Dennis used today and if you cut up a banana 2x a day and drink some soy milk with it you will feel better. But it is not an overnight fix. If you still drink coffee try to have the soy milk and banana an hour before. Breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day anyway, so give yourself a big soothing breakfast and in a few weeks you see the difference.

  8. I've been trying & trying to figure out your photo. It reminds me of Escher. i thought it was a reflection, but now I'm confused.

  9. oh dear


    i hope you're feeling better

    great picture. it IS escher-like.

    how does Dennis "use" graffiti?

  10. Ched: The four lower windows are angled to the left, reflecting different portions of the buildings across the street than the windows that face straight out (at the top of the photo). Does that help?

  11. hey stevo!
    ditch the nexium and get some slippery elm i say!
    tis your choice of course. i might surprise you one day and scale your building