Friday, October 8, 2010

Audrey II

Several months ago -- May or June, I'd say -- I took out the garbage and found some plants in the dumpster. Or, more precisely, pieces of plants. I rescued the ones I thought I could save.

This one, a dieffenbachia, has proven to be the most robust of the lot. When I found it, it had been whacked off at ground level, so it was just a thick stem with some wilted leaves attached. I brought it upstairs and put it in a bucket of water on the balcony, and pretty much left it there all summer.

That was enough time for the plant to grow some roots. Last month, I bought a pot and put the plant in some soil. It has thrived since then, to an almost scary degree. It's doubled the number of leaves it once had and grown a new branch.

We call it "Audrey II." We half expect it to eat us in the middle of the night. Hopefully it will go for the dogs first.


  1. LOL! Yeah - maybe the sound of the dogs barking will give you enough warning to get away.

  2. this is funny! i think she loves her new pot.

  3. Yeah, I too have a hard time throwing out living plants, or even the clippings off living plants. I'm rooting a bunch right now in a glass of water in the kitchen. I really love these low-maintenance plants that don't ask for much besides an occasional drink of water.

    BTW, dieffenbachia is one of those plants whose parts are ALL poisonous. Check this out. So you two and the dogs need to remember not to snack on it!

  4. You saved it! You are so good, and as they say, life will find a way.

  5. If you don't overwater those guys, they are bullet-proof. Looks like you really have the a touch for greem things.

  6. Barbara: I'd forgotten about the poisonous nature of dieffenbachia -- thanks for reminding me! None of us will be eating it anytime soon. In fact, as I said, I'm more afraid it will eat us!

    Merle: I used to be very into houseplants, and had a good green thumb. Now that I'm in an apartment where I get some light, I'm having fun experimenting with them again!