Friday, October 1, 2010


Here's a photo from my recent stroll in the Bronx. I loved the way this white trailer was reflecting light onto the fence. Makes it seem like a heavenly semi, doesn't it?

Yesterday was a big day - I closed on the sale of my apartment. So I am finally free of that huge $1,500-a-month gorilla on my back. I did well money-wise, and the closing went smoothly for the most part, though there was a minor hiccup when the bank and the closing broker realized the new buyer's middle initial was included on some documents but not on others. (Apparently this is important?) Anyway, they sorted it all out, and I walked out with three checks which I took to the bank immediately. (Why were there three? I haven't the foggiest idea. All I know is they added up to what I expected.)

My broker gave me a nice closing gift - a pizza stone for baking pizza, and a basket containing some sauce, dough mix, a kneading bowl and some other stuff. Only problem - the bag weighed about 80 pounds! When I got to the closing she said, "I hope you drove," and when I told her no, I took the train, she seemed chagrined about her choice of gift. I admit hauling it around Manhattan was hell. The handles on the bag broke, I kept bumping into things -- argh! But once I got it on the train I was OK. (Note to all readers: Never give someone a pizza stone without first ascertaining their mode of transportation.)

I raced back to New Jersey and of course went promptly to work, because that's practically all I do nowadays. I even dream about work. Fortunately, it's a lot of fun! The downside, though, as you have seen, is that I won't be around the blogosphere much anymore. I just have too much to do and I often don't feel like sitting down at a computer and writing more after doing it all day. Maybe when I'm more established and more comfortable I'll find time to post more regularly.


  1. I'll bet Dave was excited about your gift. Did he take the pizza-making course in culinary school?

    I already miss your daily presence here, but am happy when you take a break and enter the Blogosphere.

    I am so happy for you that the apartment sale finally happened. You could now fund a very nice vacation if you ever both have time off at the same time...

  2. I'm really happy for you that the sale went through. I think that if you use your closing gift you should post a picture of it :)

    We'll be glad to see you when we see you!

  3. yeah!!!!!! congratulations!

    the pizza stone story makes me chuckle even though i feel for you having to lug such a gift around manhattan. is destined to be one of those lifelong stories...and of course the bag handles would break! yowser!

  4. Congrats...

    Perhaps you could let me know how to reach you as I am attempting to update my address book.

    Enjoy the pizza when you get to it!