Saturday, October 16, 2010


There's a place in town here called "Massage Envy," and the other day I stopped in to check things out and maybe get a massage. I hadn't had one since last summer, before I lost my job in New York -- if you don't count my bizarre Asian salon massage of January, that is -- so I figured it was high time.

I checked to make sure the Massage Envy folks are LMTs, and they are. So I tried it out, and it was great. Better yet, the place offers a membership that allows me to get monthly massages for $59 apiece. I took the plunge and joined.

I'm a little curious about how a monthly massage will feel. I hope it doesn't lose its "specialness" and become too routine. But at the rate I've been working lately, I'll need it!

(Photo: Pokeweed behind our apartment building.)


  1. I love pokeweed. I can't stop photographing it regardless of how many photos I already have.

  2. I think regular massage is a great idea. I go to my guy Dan every 3 weeks. Unfortunately it costs more than $59. But it's still worth every penny.

    Of course there's nothing like the $6 hour-long massages we got in Thailand!

  3. I've never had a real massage. We had the chair massage people come to our office once - that was pretty cool. I don't think we can swing them in the budget just now, but maybe I can ask for one for my birthday.

    You know, there's pokeweed out the whazoo in NC where I grew up, but I haven't seen any here in Ohio. But maybe I'm just not looking in the right places :)

  4. I went through a (long) phase of massage every 4-6 weerks, it was great.

    also, had a fantastic ayurvedic massage in india

    I think its a good way to take care of yourself

  5. Everyone should get a massage now and then, Bug. I firmly believe it is a necessity of life. :)

    Lori, you know you can apparently eat pokeweed, which is where "poke salad" comes from. But you have to cook all the poisons out first, which is something I'm not keen to try.

  6. A monthly massage is a GREAT idea. The benefits of massage are cumulative, like good sleep, like eating well. You'll feel better and better.

  7. You'll find yourself more flexible and limber and your body will thank you for the extra attention!