Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Saturday

So how do we feel about this new template? I felt like I had to shake things up a little -- that old white "Minima" template was just a little too "Minima." I'm not sure how much I like those birds at upper right, though. I'm reminded of that old Wes Anderson commercial for American Express: "Are those my birds? I need those."

Anyway, it's beautiful outside today, the End of the World notwithstanding. If there has to be an apocalypse, it may as well happen on a nice day.

Dave and I met our friend Bill for brunch at the local diner, and then Dave and I went to a memorial service for the mother of one of his co-workers. It was held in a bright, modern Catholic church with lots of stained glass, and it was visually beautiful. I tried not to think too much about the church's stand on my life and my relationship. Sometimes it's best to just go with the flow, and anyway, that's not why I was there, right?

Dave and I are planning to work on our immigration paperwork this afternoon. We have to file for visas with the British Home Office, and though I think we have all the documentation we need, it promises to be a bureaucratic adventure.

Just to catch you up on Ernie and Ruby, here they are, lying out in the field behind our building:

Ruby (in back) looks much better than she did just a few weeks ago. She seems to be more or less in good health, never mind the heart problems and hip infection.

If I have any guilt feelings about our move, they're over the dogs. The poor things are pretty old, and they're set in their ways, and I hate to disrupt what for them is a cozy and comfortable life. On the other hand, not taking the job because of the dogs really isn't an option for Dave, and leaving them behind is definitely not an option. They're family. So I hope they fly well!


  1. Wow. WOW. W-O-W!!

    I am so excited for you both, also JEALOUS! I LOVE London. I mean really, how cool! Mazel tov!! BRAVO! Yay! Please let me know the moment you are ready to receive a visitor!

    When you wrote that it doesn't seem real even though you've sold/given away a bunch of stuff, I thought, "Steve ALWAYS sells/gives away stuff. Of course it doesn't seem real yet."

    I am very excited for you. Life is GOOD. lov elove love love!

  2. Thanks, Reya! We'd love to have you visit! :)

    Yeah, I always gave away stuff, but this time we are REALLY purging. Even what I had in my tiny NY apartment seems like a lot!