Wednesday, November 29, 2023

A Workout

As I sit here in the pre-dawn darkness, under the soft glow of the Christmas avocado, it's 36º F outside -- which is warmer than I expected, actually. I thought it was going to freeze last night, and all our tender plants are indoors. I'm just going to keep them here because overnight temperatures are supposed to get colder over the next few days -- into the 20s by Saturday.

Yesterday at work I think I moved more books than I have ever moved in a single day -- except maybe for that period of time a couple of years ago when we reorganized the whole library. We have a lot of classes and activities going on and I had to pull 120 books about ancient China, about 100 narrative nonfiction books for 5th graders, and I helped my coworker pull about 400 books about science. Oh, and we changed up the book displays to reflect the winter holidays -- Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

There is a physical-fitness fringe benefit to this job! Lots of bending, kneeling and lifting. Who needs a gym?

I found this fun but rather dated book on our technology and innovation shelves. Yes, that is a vintage iPod on the cover, the likes of which I haven't seen in years (though I think I still have mine in a drawer). When you turn the book a certain way, the image reveals its inner workings. Unfortunately, no one uses an iPod now and I'm sure many of our kids wouldn't even know what one is. The book is from 2005, and "Cool Stuff" has changed a lot since then. I'm weeding it.

I also found a pile of dessicated tangerine peelings helpfully placed on one of my DO NOT EAT IN THE LIBRARY signs. To be fair, tangerines don't generate crumbs, but still -- it seemed like a pointed act of rebellion.

(Top photo: A pair of lions, one upper and one lower, guarding a doorway in Chiswick.)


Moving with Mitchell said...

Sorry you had to work so hard. Glad you got a workout.

The tangerine peelings are kind of funny.

I have a 21-year-old iPod. What to do with it.

Andrew said...

It does seem like your removed some very many out of date books.
"bending, kneeling and lifting...". Sorry, but I cannot endorse this exercise regime after reaching an unspecified age.

Linda Sue said...

You’re “do not eat” sign could be Banksy art, on any bodega wall in a food Desert.
Pleased about your knees working so well, ahhh youth….vaguely remember having supportive knees. Keep them well oiled, young man, and by oiled I mean gin.

Ed said...

I inherited a cardboard box of old slides from my great uncle that have been sitting on my office desk for a long while now. Yesterday I opened it up and scanned a box of two dozen slides, one of about 50 such boxes. I now admit I have your disease. I didn't get a lot done for the next couple hours as I looked at the images, did a bit of googling for historical context and wrote a blog post to be posted in a week or two. I'm calling it Steve's Disease!

Bob said...

I've got to give credit to the student with the chutzpah to leave food on a Do Not Eat sign.
I might have a different opinion, though, if I were the one cleaning up after the rebellion.

Colette said...

Oh yes, a TOTAL act of rebellion with those tangerine peelings.

Boud said...

I like the upper and lower lions. It's a statement.

Every older librarian I know grumbles about their bad back from years of lifting books. Or their shoulder, maybe from throwing orange eaters out of the library.

Boud said...

I forgot to say I inherited an ancient iPod from my son, which can't be updated, but still works for one of my old email addresses, Freecell(!) and an art app. I just got a new cable for it this week.

Sharon said...

Oh yes, that was certainly an act of rebellion.
I have one of those iPods in a drawer somewhere too. I also still have a large collection of CD's but my CD player is broken. Music technology has passed me by.

ellen abbott said...

120 books on ancient China?all different?! or multiples of the same books? same question on the 400 books on science.

I still have some tender plants outside but I won't move them in until we are threatened with a freeze.

Ms. Moon said...

Well, we did get a light freeze last night and I'll just have to see which plants got bit.
Don't we all have an iPod in a drawer along with all of those outdated chargers and cables?
I admire your strength and flexibility!
"A pointed act of rebellion." Great description!

Susan said...

There is always one or two kids that like to challenge authority. Between your gardening, long walks with Olga and organizing books at the library, your fitness needs are met. It is all good. Gym memberships are pricey.

Red said...

Good that you pullout books for the units the kids will work on or at least I think that's what you're doing!

Allison said...

The lions are very attractive - guarding the front door. Is it asking too much for the kids not to eat in the library?

Margaret said...

That's a message of defiance and I would be peeved! I found teaching to be good exercise too, the walking around, bending over, running to the bathroom,e etc. Might not be aerobic but it's lots of activity.

The Bug said...

I kind of love the peelings - in your face Steve Reed! Ha!

Jeanie said...

Ah, rebellion. There's always someone. This looks like a start to war!

That IS a lot of work -- sounds like a busy day. I like the topics of your upcoming displays.

Lini said...

I still have two Ipods- my original one that only plays music and has a lot of stuff downloaded on it. Also picked up one a few years ago, right before they phased them out. I like to play cards on it as well as check Facebook. Now I mostly use the Ipad, laptop and just got an Iphone. Apple knows where I am for sure. I love to read about your life in the library. I volunteer in our local library.Lovely places to be.

Kelly said...

I'm pretty sure that's my exact iPod, which still works as long as I don't remove it from the Bose player it's sitting in. (I doubt it would hold a charge more than 5 minutes!)

I believe the kids are taunting you now. Don't take the bait!

Debby said...

Perhaps you should just confiscate their mouths and tell them they can have them back when they leave the library.

sparklingmerlot said...

Reminds of those who stand smoking in front of the no smoking sign.
I am pleasantly surprised that kids still use real books for study rather than just the cool stuff.

Steve Reed said...

Mitchell: I know, I'm in the same boat. I don't want to throw it away but I also never use it.

Andrew: I keep telling myself it's doing me some good, but it might actually be doing me harm!

Linda Sue: Now THAT's the kind of prescription I can appreciate!

Ed: I can't wait to see that post!

Bob: I was laughing through my annoyance!

Colette: Definitely!

Boud: Ha! "Orange-eater's shoulder." Maybe it will be like "tennis elbow."

Sharon: I saved some of my favorite old CDs but I also now have no way to play them.

Ellen: Almost all different! Our library has 27,000 volumes so there's plenty to choose from.

Ms Moon: The question is, what do we DO with all that stuff? I've thrown away a lot of old cables but I haven't been able to bring myself to chuck the iPod. I think they can be sold online.

Susan: And this is a much preferable way to exercise, it seems to me. (I say that as a former gym-goer.)

Red: Yes, that's what I'm doing. It just helps them find resources, which is good for the younger kids especially.

Allison: I KNOW! It seems like such a simple request but you'd be surprised how much time I spend policing food.

Margaret: I don't typically pay attention to my step count but I bet it's pretty high!

Bug: EXACTLY! That's what they're saying.

Jeanie: Well, there will be no escalation on my part. For one thing I don't know who did it!

Lini: I didn't know an iPod would interact with Facebook. Mine must be of an earlier generation. It plays music and that's about it.

Kelly: I had one of those Bose players too. I haven't tried to play my iPod in AGES but I bet the battery is shot.

Debby: Well, THAT's a surreal idea. LOL

Caro: Well, it's a requirement from many teachers. I bet if it were up to the kids they'd do everything online.