Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Charlie Brown Avocado

Apologies if my talking about adding Christmas decorations to our avocado tree made it sound like the picture of festivity. It's actually a rather spindly Charlie Brown tree. Especially this year -- it's slightly out of balance because once of its limbs broke off in a windstorm during its summer in the garden.

I had fun decorating it, I must admit, mainly because I got to get our ornaments out of their boxes and actually use them, which we haven't done in a while.

I don't know where some of them even came from. Where did we get this penguin playing a lyre?

Snoopy on a...caboose? This belonged to Dave. We retrieved it years ago from his boxes of stored belongings in the basement of his parents' house. (Come to think of it, I suspect that's where the penguin came from too.)

Our Holyrood Castle crown came from our trip to Edinburgh way back in 2012...

...and these weird little bristly animals made from bits of pine cone and other woodland detritus I bought at Target back when we lived in New Jersey. Every time I use them I think, "These have lasted far longer than they were ever meant to."

Of course there's our drag alligator. (Yes, the price tag is still attached. She has a kind of Minnie Pearl thing going on.)

I discovered I also have a drag frog, which I'd completely forgotten about.

Anyway, you get the idea. I understand the appeal of Christmas ornaments, which can reconnect us with memories and people and events from our past.

The drain guy showed up yesterday and cleared the kitchen drain, which seems to be flowing fine now. Not to gross you out, but he pulled a big wad of long hair out of it. I find this very strange given that I don't have hair and Dave's hair is fairly short. I blame...the Russians! Mrs. Russia has long hair and I don't know which of their pipes may feed into this same drain. Fortunately we didn't have to pay anything because drains are covered under our landlord's home care policy with British Gas.

Also, in another momentous household development, Dave and I finished our turkey leftovers last night. Yay!

No sooner had we cut it up and put it on our plates than Dave said, "Now we need to talk about the Christmas menu!" I implored him to keep it simple. We'll be at the rental cottage in Pevensey Bay, just the two of us (and Olga), and I don't know what kind of cooking utensils or apparatus we'll have there. We certainly don't need to make another turkey or some other gigantic roast beast, though Olga might disagree.


Ed said...

Your experience may differ but I've found whenever I've been in a rental with a kitchen, the cooking utensils have been very rustic at best. I've had to do a lot of improvising to get things cooked.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

You are being rather Scrooge-like in your vision of Christmas at Pevensey Bay. Let Dave magic up a great Xmas dinner - being as ambitious as he wishes - partly to show his appreciation of you. All you have to do is the washing up. By the way, I wonder if they are offering Christmas dinners at "The Castle Inn"?

Jennifer said...

I love your Christmas avocado! I'm thinking of just putting a string of lights on our large ficus and calling it a day. Somehow I'm just not in the mood to put up a big tree or many decorations. I always dread the taking-down so much, you know?

Your Christmas plans sound lovely.

Bob said...

The kind of bristly animals first grabbed my attention, but then Minnie Pearl the Drag Alligator had me screaming, "How-deeeee!"

The Bug said...

We have a very similar Snoopy ornament, but he's on his doghouse instead of a train car. That's what I love about putting up the tree - remembering the stories behind all the ornaments. I guess we'll drag ours out eventually!

Ms. Moon said...

As soon as I read your title, my brain immediately started playing the Charlie Brown Christmas song. Duh...duh,duh,duh,duh,duh,DA,duh.
Oh Lord. Mother Russia's hair. Well. Mystery solved. I had forgotten that you must share some pipes with your upstairs neighbors.
The tree is sweet. A living green thing that you have nurtured and tended for lo, these many years with ornaments that tell stories.

Red said...

I'm impressed with your avocado in the house.

Sharon said...

I love your ornaments. It makes we wish I still had my collection even though I don't really have the room for a tree. Your "tree" is very festive.

Marcia LaRue said...

It looks like Snoopy is on a San Francisco streetcar!
Hopefully, Dave will see fit to let someone else do the cooking for Christmas and save you from having to do the cleanup!

Boud said...

Minnie Pearl!! How-deeee! Those are great ornaments. I used to fling a string of white lights on the ficus, but haven't replaced them lately.

Ellen D. said...

I have ornaments that bring back sweet memories too. That's the best part of decorating for Christmas!

Susan said...

You have a great collection of ornaments. It is fun to look at each one and remember their origin. Dave must really love to cook if he is planning a meal when on holiday. He is more ambitious than me!

Kelly said...

I think your avocado tree looks charming with its decorations and I love the drag alligator/Minnie Pearl connection! I don't get out my ornaments anymore and I kind of miss that.

Margaret said...

Love the eclectic ornaments! I have a bunch too and will probably use a few of them in a blog post...eventually. First, I have to put up a tree. Ugh. My late dad used to call roast beef "roast beast." I've had to clear some yucky drains myself. I have short hair but my daughters had and have long hair.

Jim Davis said...

You've got some great ornaments! It's a good thing when they remind you of things or places in your life. We have quite a few of those as well. I do like Minnie Pearl!

Victoria said...

Funny that you have the Snoopy ornament as today is Charles Shultz's Birthday

Janie Junebug said...

I love the alligator! You can decorate with anything you like, no matter how spindly or falling apart. My ornaments are memories of my kids or my parents and sometimes vacations we took. I was sure the Russians were somehow to blame for the drain problem. You must sneak in to chop off Mrs Russia's hair.


John Going Gently said...

A drag frog?
Are u gay ?

Andrew said...

Take a tin of ham with you and a Waitrose Christmas pudding. That'll do for the day.

Jeanie said...

I love your tree to the max. I just love it. The personality of the ornaments, the stories behind them, the memories. Yes, I love it.

As long as they have an oven and a stovetop, you'll be fine over Christmas. Maybe a small roast? Cook-on-the-stove sides? Dave's got this!

LOVE that drag alligator. The frog, too -- but that alligator is special!

Pixie said...

One of our bathroom drains at the rental wasn't working. I dragged what looked like a dead rat out of it, all my step daughter's hair. Truly disgusting.

Love your ornaments and their stories.

Catalyst said...

A goose! You need a goose! Oh, stop that. I mean a Roast Goose for your Christmas Feast ala Dave.

sparklingmerlot said...

I would have been tempted to return the hair to its orginal owner!

River said...

I love your tree and the mementoes as ornaments. Snoopy and the drag alligator and frog. My ornaments are the shiny baubles kind and are all packed away in the shed since here is nowhere to put a tree where the cat can't get to it. If I ever get a bigger place I'll put up everything I own.
Too many people don't know that hair should NEVER go down the drains.

Moving with Mitchell said...

I love your Christmas ornaments and the memories ”possibly” attached. My fave: drag alligator (and genius with the Minnie Pearl touch. Howdy!). That avocado tree gets better (more Charlie Brown) every year.

Steve Reed said...

Ed: We stayed in this same cabin in the summer, and we were pleasantly surprised at how equipped it is. But still, I'm not sure they'll have everything we'd need for a large dinner. (Nor am I sure I will WANT a large dinner.)

YP: Food is definitely Dave's "love language," as they say.

Jennifer: A minimalist Christmas is quite nice, in my opinion!

Bob: Ha! I forgot about "How-deee!"

Bug: Yeah, becoming reacquainted with all the ornaments is definitely part of the joy of the season.

Ms Moon: That music is addictive! Talk about an ear-worm!

Red: Well, it lives outside for part of the year, which gives it a little boost.

Sharon: They are fun souvenirs of travels and experiences, but I get not having the space. (That's why it helps to use a houseplant!)

Marcia: I think you're right about the cable car! It's probably a San Fran souvenir.

Boud: You and Jennifer have the same decorating impulse. Ficus to the rescue!

Ellen D: It really is -- not the objects but the memories.

Susan: He DOES love to cook. I must admit it's an impulse I don't entirely understand!

Kelly: Maybe you should! Do you have a large houseplant? LOL

Margaret: That drain situation was disgusting. It's not so terrible when it's a family member's hair, but a neighbor's hair?! Argh!

Jim: I used to love Minnie Pearl. I think she was fairly young when she cultivated her rather eccentric image. (Younger than she seemed.)

Victoria: I did not know that! How appropriate!

Janie: Spindly is fine. They just have to hang there!

John: I think I MIGHT be...

Andrew: Dave would literally kill me if I suggested he cook a canned ham!

Jeanie: Yes, we will at least have a stove and an oven! I'd be fine with baked chicken or something simple.

Pixie: Ugh!

Catalyst: You know, we have never made a goose. I'm not sure I've ever even tasted goose.

Caro: Ha! THAT would have been a horrible thing to do.

River: Yeah, cats and trees definitely do not mix!

Mitchell: It does get lankier every year. I think maybe I need to prune it to make it bushier.