Thursday, November 30, 2023

Meh -- It's Thursday

Some street art today from Zabou, which I found in Chiswick on my recent walk. This is the same artist who painted the bridge in West Hampstead a couple of years ago. Those portraits are unfortunately gone now -- they were always meant to have a limited run -- and we're back to basic black paint on the bridge.

I don't have much news today. I wound up putting back about half of the China books I pulled on Tuesday. I asked the teachers to make sure they were the right resources for their class project -- some of the books seemed suspiciously advanced for 6th Grade -- so they came to look them over and rejected a fair number. I think our resource list for those classes is quite old and based on previous teachers' preferences, so I updated it. Hopefully we won't have this problem again.

On West End Green, we've had this interesting development. Apparently someone has planted bulbs and then screened the ground for "wildlife protection" (i.e. to keep squirrels from eating them). Should look nice in the spring. I wonder if they're crocuses or daffodils or what?

And apropos of nothing, here's a view of our street, just to show how things look at this time of year. Trees dropping the last of their yellow leaves, a gray cloudy sky -- that's November for you. We're supposed to have clear (and colder) weather for the next few days.

And here's what Olga looks like at this very moment, lying next to me. She has colonized Dave's pillows and seems completely uninterested in going for a walk.


Debby said...

Actually Olga looks as if she is daring you to try to make her take a walk.

Ed said...

That looks like a lot of bulbs in a line! We have a old Dutch town that plans millions of tulips every year and has a big festival at the beginning of summer but they always plant them in large beds... everywhere throughout town. I think a long line of whatever like that would leave them susceptible to wind damage and hard to keep weeded.

Moving with Mitchell said...

Ah, Olga! I have days like that, but I'm sure I don't look as cute.

sparklingmerlot said...

It certainly looks cold and dull. Olga has the right idea.

River said...

Olga does seem to be saying "no way Jose!" and I'm agreeing with her.
The street art is amazing. I like the look of your street. I hope the bulbs are a mix of different daffodils.

Linda Sue said...

Baby it’s cold outside, especially without a sweater and boots. Olga sets the pace. I am with her.

Jennifer said...

Olga looks very much like my George cuddling under his blankets! Although he still never turns down a walk.

"Meh" is exactly how I feel about starting today. It's cold and dark and in a few minutes I"ll be driving to work. Meh.

Bob said...

I feel exactly like Olga this morning, but we have a plumber coming to fix a leak so I have to get up!

Boud said...

Olga, November, a Portrait. Sums it up pretty well.

Ms. Moon said...

If Olga could speak human, she would say, "I think not, Steve," and she she would be imperious in tone and accent.

Susan said...

Cold and damp equates November and I do believe Olga has the right idea. She looks very warm and comfy. Spring blooming bulbs are so welcomed after the long winter chill.

The Bug said...

Can I be Olga for a day?

Michael said...

Olga looks so comfortable! I loved that photo of your street. It looks like a nice place to live.

Sharon said...

Olga looks completely comfortable. Walking would not be on the agenda when snuggling and snoozing in a cozy spot happening.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Olga's belly looks like a detailed map of a remote island group - possibly The Pink Islands.

Ellen D. said...

Those trees look weird, Steve. Why do they trim them like that?
I feel like Olga today as I am recovering from Covid and am just taking it easy. I am lucky I had a booster and have gotten meds from my doc so I am feeling better already.

Pixie said...

Olga looks very comfortable indeed. We still don't have snow, yay. I try not to worry about moisture levels come springtime and just enjoy the blue skies and sunshine.

It's too bad the previous street art was painted over. The world needs more colour.

Jeanie said...

Olga looks happy!

What are those trees on either side of the street? They're very interesting with the shoots of branches at the top of the thick limbs.

I love the way your street looks.I'd feel happy just walking down it.

Allison said...

Olga pretty much encapsulates the idea of comfort and bliss. That dog knows how to relax.

gz said...

Well done have the best idea!

Boud said...

The trees Ellen asked about are pollarded, to limit growth and keep foliage low enough to cast shade. Important safety issue in city streets, to avoid too heavy trees coming down in storms and roots from invading sewers. It looks awful for a couple of years then when the foliage gets going, it's the kind of leafy tree we expect in the street.

jenny_o said...

I love the shot of comfy Olga!

Andrew said...

It's hard to imagine how an artist gets a sense of perspective when painting large murals, let along painting a sideways portrait.

Olga is giving you the 'Don't even think about it', look.

The bike shed said...

Thank you for visiting the bike shed again after my hiatus. I shall try to catch up properly over the coming weeks. I liked the pic of Olga - very comfy!

Margaret said...

Olga looks very cozy; I wouldn't move either! Squirrels love tulip bulbs. I don't have that problem where I live but if they're around, they'll have some tasty snacks.

37paddington said...

That street art is fantastic. It makes me sad to know that it will only exist temporarily. At least you've immortalized it here.

Steve Reed said...

Debby: It was all a ruse. The minute I moved she was raring to go!

Ed: Fortune Green, which is another nearby park, has daffodils in long lines like that. Not sure where that planting style comes from, but they seem to withstand the wind OK.

Mitchell: It's that spotted belly!

Caro: Definitely.

River: Another part of that park has crocuses, so I'm thinking these may be more of the same. But who knows?

Linda Sue: Time to hibernate in the spidey-hole!

Jennifer: It's just "meh" weather all around!

Bob: But at least you'll get your leak fixed! That's exciting! (It always is for me, anyway.)

Boud: Ha! The mood of the month!

Ms Moon: Ha! I think Olga would have very working-class English speech if she had a human accent. She is, after all, a working-class English dog.

Susan: Nothing makes me happier than seeing snowdrops in January and daffodils in February.

Bug: You wouldn't like the food!

Michael: We like our neighborhood a lot. I wish we owned our flat!

Sharon: But she wound up walking after all. She changes her mind quickly!

YP: Ha! "The Roseate Archipelago."

Ellen D: So sorry about your Covid! Argh! I'm glad you're feeling better. The council "pollards" the street trees to control their root growth and keep them from breaking up sewers, sidewalks, etc. That's what they say, anyway.

Pixie: I agree, I loved those portraits, but some people in West Hampstead objected wildly when they went up.

Jeanie: They're London Plane trees, a type of sycamore. They get very big if left unpruned, which is why the council "pollards" them -- to control their growth.

Allison: She does indeed. No one sleeps as soundly as Olga. (Except possibly Dave.)

GZ: Perfect for this weather!

Boud: Yes! Thanks for explaining that so well. The council cuts all the new, green growth off these trees about once a year, I think. (Maybe once every two years?)

Jenny-O: She loves the pillows.

Andrew: I often wonder how much computers help in plotting a design. Seems like they might be able to help the artist "project" an image on a larger scale.

Bike Shed: Oh, Lord, don't bother. Just pick up where you left off. Nothing's changed around here. LOL

Margaret: But squirrels don't seem to love daffodils. (Part of why I DO like them.) Maybe you're right -- maybe they planted tulips.

37P: I tell myself that's part of the charm of street art -- its impermanence!