Saturday, September 16, 2006

Chelsea, July 2006

Every time I pass this niche on West 24th Street, near Sixth Avenue, I find something different. Sometimes it's inhabited by trash cans; sometimes it's empty. On this particular day, a shopping cart was living there.

If you haven't seen Julian Montague's "Stray Shopping Cart Project," check out this site. Montague has developed an extensive library of shopping cart photos, and a complex, entertaining classification system for determining each cart's place in the world.

According to his system, the cart above seems to be a B/1 “open true,” as well as a B/18 “refuse receptacle” and possibly a B/15 “gap marginalization.” But it could also be a B/4 “as personal property,” if it belongs to a homeless person, as well as an A/9 “remote false,” if it was eventually reclaimed by the store of origin.

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Anonymous said...

looking at both shots, it looks like an art installation in some gallery.