Wednesday, September 20, 2006

LaGuardia Airport, Queens, May 2006

This is actually one of my favorite buildings - the Marine Air Terminal at LaGuardia. The AIA Guide calls it a "fantastic Art Deco extravaganza," designed by Delano & Aldrich and built in 1939-40 to serve flying boats like the famous Yankee Clipper. Today it serves shuttle flights to Boston and Washington, D.C. You gotta love the flying fish circling the roofline.

This photo brings up an interesting question. The fish are a bit blown out on the left, but I've had a longstanding aversion to correcting or "Photoshopping" my pictures. I've grown comfortable with the idea of nudging up contrast one notch, but that's about all I ever do. I guess I want people to see what IS, not what I think ideally should be. But then, is my camera accurately recording what IS? Is a tweaked photo any less real than one that's left alone?

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