Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bushwick, Brooklyn, Sept. 2007

Lorianne at Hoarded Ordinaries calls these "alien eyes." To me they look a little like diamonds, at least in this case. The reflection came from a factory or warehouse window with a lot of little panes.

This summer has been so remarkable. I think I've run my air conditioner about five times! We've had a few hot days, but for the most part it's been very temperate and pleasant, and last night I actually got chilly enough to pull up my blanket.

I think it even smells a bit like fall this morning - crisp. The air trips a switch in my animal brain, telling me that slowly and surely, the season is changing.


  1. Excellent "eyes"!

    I think I was in Brooklyn for the few hot days you mention. When my friend & I got back to Massachusetts on Monday, we both remarked on the autumnal chill in the air: wouldn't it have been great to have felt that this weekend! Maybe next time...

  2. I feel autumn in the air here in DC, too. Jake and I are planning a long walk next to the river this morning. Gloriousness!

    Love the alien animal brain diamond eyes! I see them all the time on Capitol Hill, but have never gotten a decent shot of them.

    Happy fall!

  3. I might have felt a bit of fall yesterday, had it not been a hundred degrees! Our fall is still a month away.

  4. I think my favourite moment all summer was July 4. I donned a hoodie, grabbed a bagel with tofutti and read a book on the steps of Columbia's library while it misted. And I think it was sixty something degrees. Glorious!

  5. This reminds me of ripple reflecting on water or jellyfish. That's amazing; you've only used the AC so few times. Yep, I felt that little autumn sign creep into my bones the other night. Here in the PNW the amount of daylight really changes while bringing us the reminder of a seasonal change.


  6. It's been the same here, weather wise, and I'm not happy! I don't even feel like we really had a summer at all, and that depresses me. I am NOT ready for Autumn, yet alone Winter. Ugh. Luckily I had three weeks in sunny and warm Europe...

  7. "Hoarded ordinaries" - such a great title!

    a lovely picture.
    getting pretty autumnal here too, but sunny, so i think i can cope....

  8. i love the smell of seasonal change on the air, but not the smell of fertiliser...