Monday, September 17, 2007

East Village, Sept. 2007

The weather was so cool yesterday that it was almost chilly - people broke out the jackets. Fall is upon us!

In fact, it was great running weather. I hadn’t been running in more than a month - I’d done the Stairmaster at the gym, but somehow I got out of the running habit. So yesterday, I took off down the path along the East River, thinking I would take it easy and not run my full route, which goes all the way down to the Brooklyn Bridge. (Between five and six miles round-trip.)

At first, it was tough going. But about a quarter of the way I hit my stride, and found that I could run the whole distance. It was almost like my body just had to remember what to do. It felt so great!


Anonymous said...

When it's hot and terribly humid, running seems like the worst thing you could do. But yesterday and today are GORGEOUS here too. Even I, a non-runner, feels like getting out there for a jog.

I love fall!!

Anonymous said...

There was a time when I was young, lean and a runner. It seems so long ago.

Our daytime temperatures are still right at one hundred, but overnight temps are starting to drop. That is how we feel the approach of fall.

Anonymous said...

The light in this looks cool and crisp. It's nice to get back to exercise and have your body respond in a positive way. It takes me 20 minutes to get in the groove on my bike and then I'm cruising. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Though I was initially depressed thinking about Autumn (I am NOT ready for it yet), I perked up when you talked about running - my FAVORITE sport - the best and the most pure! My greatest runs usually take place when I'm thinking that I don't want to run or am not going to have a good one - not sure why that happens, maybe a lack of expectation? But, I love it when it does. With my dad visiting I've been out of my running routine for almost a week and it starts to drive me CRAZY.

Anonymous said...

funnily enough i just got back from a run along the sea and uphill/downhill and thought the opposite. it is warming up here and i got a right sweat on. which feels great of course!