Thursday, September 6, 2007

E. 31st Street, August 2007

Saw another great old movie the other night: "Lost Horizon," Frank Capra's 1937 film version of James Hilton's novel about the legendary Shangri-La. Really beautifully filmed, and starring a young Jane Wyatt of "Father Knows Best" fame. She always spoke with the most marvelous accent -- very East Coast blue-blood.

I have not been sitting lately. I keep telling myself I'm too busy and then I spend hours on the computer and watch old clearly I'm not THAT busy. Why all the resistance to something I love? I think it's partly just inertia...when you spend all day racing through life, it's hard to make yourself stop. But of course that's all the more reason to stop!

So now, I'm going to go sit!


  1. I weave in and out of my own sitting practice. I used to try to figure out some deep hidden personal pathology that was the cause for breaks in practice, but these days I see it as rhythmic, cyclic, just like every other thing about life.

    If months go by and I still am avoiding the cushion (or couch) then I take a class which always brings me back to it.

    Sitting practice is hard. I salute you!

  2. Inertia is a powerful force. I know if I write every day, then I am productive, but if I lose the inertia, it's hard to get it back and easier to procrastinate!

  3. watching old movies can be just as therapeutic mr reed!

  4. hmmm similar problem here. plenty of sitting but not always terribly healthy sitting.

    stretching this morning tho, off to yoga....