Saturday, September 22, 2007

Meatpacking District, May 2007

People in my family have a very strange sense of humor. Here’s one of our e-mail exchanges, from Thursday, as an example.

Necessary background: Years ago, when I lived in Florida, a tiny oak tree began growing in a potted plant I kept on the balcony of my apartment. I transplanted it to my mother’s yard in Land O’ Lakes, a Tampa suburb. My mother has complained about this tree ever since: It drops too many leaves, its branches rub on the roof, etc. My brother J.M. and his wife Kristen recently visited my Mom, who has two cats, Ikky and Neffie.

Mom: Stephen, I want you to know that your oak tree is producing vast quantities of acorns. You can hear them hit the house at that end of the house. During a recent windstorm it was wild. JM, were you and Kristen bothered by these falling acorns? Soon the entire ground will be covered to the depth of one inch. When I look up into the tree, there are still millions.

J.M.: It is a sign. You should stew them and make mead in the tub. Or weave them into a nice hat.

Me: The squirrels will LOVE them!

J.M.: I'm with Stephen. Let the squirrels eat them, then weave the squirrels into a nice hat.

Mom: There are not enough squirrels in LOL to eat these acorns. I was talking to Ginger, my neighbor, the other day, and they were falling all around us. She was perplexed.

J.M.: One man unravels the mystery of falling apples hundreds of years ago and yet the residents of Land O' Lakes are confused by acorns?

Mom: Of course, Ikky can catch squirrels. He deposited a headless one at my front door.

Me: Yikes!


Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic exchange! I want to see your family's imaginative emails woven into a lovely wreath for my front door!!

You must be so proud to be part of your family! They sound as cool as you.

Anonymous said...

One of our most beloved local bloggers, Washington Cube, put some old cymbals out in her backyard one year so the acorns could create a symphony as they fell. It's just another idea for your family...

Anonymous said...

I am still laughing. And the picture illustrated the story nicely. Thanks for the great story.

Anonymous said...

especially having a neighbour called ginger....