Friday, September 7, 2007

East Village, Sept. 2007

Take a look at this Web site. You probably won’t be able to read it, because it’s in Japanese. But you can look at the photos -- including the ones of me!

This is the result of a project by a Japanese acquaintance of mine, Asao Teshirogi. I met her when she came to the Zendo one night to report an article for a Japanese publication about Zen in America. Later, she asked me to be part of a book project called “Breakfast in New York,” in which she writes about New Yorkers and their lives, starting with what they eat for breakfast.

She insisted that she wanted to see my normal morning routine. So she and a photographer came to my place one morning about 6:30 a.m., and took photos of me meditating and having breakfast with Armenia. I can’t read her text, but I ran it through a Babel Fish translator and it’s basically just a description of my mornings, my Zen practice and my life and work in New York.

It was really fun to be part of this project! It hasn’t become a book yet -- Asao’s publisher went bankrupt so she’s looking for a replacement. But the Web site is kind of fun!


  1. Wow how cool! Love the pic of you and the cat at the breakfast table. Somehow it's even more fun not to be able to read the text. It's so exotic.


  2. Steve - that is so great.

  3. Fascinating. I am very much the voyeur, and I love being able to peek into the lives of other people. Your apartment is so ZEN!

  4. Well!! Isn't that great. I see Armenia also likes to read the morning paper. I hope there aren't too many disputes about who reads what next.
    Ms Soup ( who has now left the USA)

  5. good to see you in your abode
    is there a little minimalist guest room for a little and very tidy pod?

  6. My guest room is so minimalist that it's actually just a couch. But you're welcome to it any time, Pod!

  7. ah..ta mr reed! most kind