Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ithaca, N.Y., October 2007

When we were in Ithaca, my friend David decided to buy some inexpensive sunglasses, because he'd left his at home. So we stopped in at an optician, where the glasses were way too expensive, but the shadows from the window display were just right!

And now, I’m just lying in bed with the cat, drinking coffee and listening to the rain. My kind of morning!


  1. We had a brief thunderstorm last night. It only lasted 20 minutes but dropped a bunch of rain. Thank god. I was out in the street dancing around and cheering THANK YOU at the sky. I'll always be a pagan at heart, doncha know?

    Love the pic. That is a complicated shadow.

  2. Glasses always cause me trouble on vacation. Having to carrying my regular glasses and my sunglasses is such a pain.

  3. lying in bed listening to the rain...heaven!