Monday, December 3, 2007

First Snow

Now, I knew it was going to snow Saturday night. But I did not expect THIS.

I thought we’d get some little flurries or a light dusting. Imagine my surprise when I went downstairs Sunday morning and found the streets white and empty, and the snow still coming down?

In fact, it continued to come down for hours. I went to the Zendo, where I finally had a chance to sit for the first time in weeks, and I was aware of the drifting whiteness the entire time.

I was so happy to be back at the Zendo and practicing, enjoying the quiet spaciousness, the in-and-out of my breath, the ordinary yet extraordinary beauty of a wintry morning.

Afterwards, I walked home through the East Village, and found more fun, snowy photo opportunities.

(Photos: Top two photos, snow on the street in front of my apartment building; Below, red berries on Avenue A; pigeons love snow; a four-wheeled leaf magnet; a passerby leaves a message.)


  1. These are beautiful! The pidgeon footprints!!! Beautiful.

    I'm so jealous ... I love snow.

  2. yes i love the birdy pic too.

    those streets look so empty! does the snow scare people off the streets in NYC? it sometimes does a bit in london.


  3. i like the berry one.
    i think i have forgotten what is like to feel icey cold. i don't mean that in a 'rub your nose in it way'. it seems so long now since i have smelt the frost in air. it's really hotting up here, which is great in some ways, but it can be very stifling and sweaty at times. keep warm ste

  4. I love the photo with the smiley face on the car window. I like to think, from reading your post, that is how you looked on that snowy day. Happy. :)

  5. The first snow was always a special time when we lived in the Midwest. I used to sit on the ledge of a bay window and watch the snowfall at night.

  6. So beautiful! Send some my way, I'm jealous of your wintery dust!

  7. am jumping on the pigeon feet bandwagon.... delightful picture!