Monday, December 31, 2007

Another Auld Lang Syne

Well, I wish I had something pithy to say about the end of the year. But honestly, this is just another day, you know? An arbitrary line we’ve drawn on the calendar. First it’s Monday, then it’s Tuesday. And oh yeah, it’s 2008.

I did come up with some resolutions. They’re actually things I already try to do, so they won’t be all that surprising.

1. Use computer/web productively
2. Gym 3x week
3. Meditate daily, Zendo weekly
4. Be more social (go on a date!)
5. No red meat - chicken/fish once a day at most
6. Be nicer to myself when I fail

Those seem like good goals, right? And of course I won’t achieve them all perfectly, let’s acknowledge that right at the outset.

I had a terrific weekend, particularly yesterday. I cleaned my house in the morning and then walked for several hours in the afternoon. I took about 80 photos. I just can’t get enough of wandering this city!

(Photo: Lower East Side, Dec. 2007)


Anonymous said...

Love number 6!!

What's failure anyway? I've always wondered. Happiest new year!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Steve.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the above shot features a metal door and one of those slide down doors which I forget the name of because I am going all demented.

you have turned two of the dullest things to look at in Manhattan into a beautiful warm picture. The magic or shadows and light ...

I was tempted to post something about Pakistan on my blog but decided that my blog is really about me, perfumed stuff, and bob, so... i let that pass. As it turned out I read many good posts about Pakistan on other blogs, and so, felt better that other's could report feelings I had.

Happy 2008 and we ought to do something for Chinese New Year, really. I hope to be in Chinatown for it.

Anonymous said...

i meant "of" instead of "or" above.